Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Before and after..

It has been a long time that I did not update my blog. I was quite busy marking my students' scripts. However, I keep thinking what to write anyway..It means that I am still thinking about my blog.

Anyway, before the post election is over let me just share with you what I have gone through before and after the election. Of course , I am not one of the candidates :-) He! he!

Before the election- I was in Gombak and I could see the election fever was going on with a huge number of posters everywhere. My kids have been asking me which one should I vote and I told them that "Undi anda adalah rahsia!" These kids, huh, they are very curious about poilitics.. Hmm..No wonder they are because their father is a political scientist!

I went back to kota bharu to cast my vote, with my youngest son, Lutfi. We took MAS flight and during the inflight, there was quite a rough turbulence that shook plane a bit. This really scared me and Lutfi also frightened. He told me that he wanted to get down so that we can take a bus back to Kota Bahru.. I calmy said yes..I mean, I pretended to be calm..I am scared more than Lutfi!

My sister jie fetched from the airport. I saw a load number of posters more than in Gombak. Wow! Kelantanese people..Wow! I dont know what to say..This is much bigger than hari Raya, dude! It was awesome :-)

After the election- The major agenda is done, fulfilling my duty as a citizen. Now next agenda is to go to bazaar for shopping. Shopping is my number one list in every trip to Kota Bahru. Shopping here is inresistible. I told my husband that I am not a persuasive buyer, no one can persuade me to buy anything if I dont want it.. he told me I am right, absolutely right. But he said I have another type of buyer.."A compulsive buyer!" Hmm..Bummer.. What to say? he is absolultely right!

Till then..Have a nice day!


abdul hayyi said...

kat tempat saya mengundi,penuh dgn FRU! FRU siap sembur air beracun dan lepaskan tear gas lagi.*sigh*

kat mana?RUSILA! :-)

ramizah said...

Ya ke? nk dgr citer dari awak la..
ajak daus datang..

adrina adi said...

teringat plak kenangan kita naik merry go round. hehe.. kak ngoh mengucap tak henti2. hehe

ramizah said...

ha! ha! masa tu budak hulu lagi..

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

a compulsive buyer....kuang3x....

ramizah said...

apa2 gelaran pun saya terima. Ha!Ha!