Thursday, July 30, 2009

dont act so fast..

last week one student came to my office and complained about his CGPA had dropped from 3.5 to 3.3..I was so shocked to hear that because I knew that he did well in the exam last sem.

He told me that he appealed to one of his papers whcih he got B or B-. I could not remember. After that, the latest result he got was C+! Ouch! Ouch! I could imagined why he looked extremely sad on that day..

I tried to console him to forget what has happened. Just dont look what happend yesterday, it was a history..yet this could not make him happy. The next day was his birthday, i wished hime Happy Birthday, he did not reply..

The moral of the story is that, dont act so fast. Think twice. Ask your lecturer, is it worth to appeal? When you appeal for re checking, your paper is going to be given to two different lecturers. Ask your seniors.. talk to them. If you want to see any other lecturer/academic advisor, that is great idea. They are your elders..then make doa to Allah that this decision ( yes/no) is the correct one. Perform solat hajat and istikharah.. let Him show you what is best for you..

I know there are cases when your grades are upgraded. This is just a matter of rezki.

I am still feeling sorry for him...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

islamic environment

This semester, we have to collect student's biodata form. some of my studens hve passed up the forms to me..hmm.majority are sisters. brothers? berapa kerat saja. i hve to keep on reminding them. Geram dibuatnya.

anyway, the most interesting part is to read their comments on why they chose IIUM as thier univ . Of course, some said because, UIA was the only univ which offered them a place. or close to their house or parents' choice. However, majority said because of Islamic environment, hence they chose this univ.

I just want t comment that environment is not created by itself. It is made by the the inhabitants of any environment.

Univ consists of 4 major components; students, staff( academic and administrative). business operators and cleaners. However, students are the biggest majority in this univ. some of the acadmic Staffs are the policy makers in this univ. They created the environemt; the dos and the donts and later imposed them on us..incld them and students. So, those major components are actually the agents of environment. It is upon us lie the duties to create the environment. If one had actually polluted the environment, everybody would be affected.

One more thing, we need to have the enforcers of the laws so that our environemt will be protected. I really hope those who would like to smoke at Nescafe Kiosk, would think twice. They are not only polluted the physical environment of earth and thinning the ozone but also violating the laws of the univ not to smoke within the univ campus..

by the way, where is your form?

Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd post of the day!

I have two posts today..What an acheivement! ha!ha!

Today one stduent came to my office seeking advice about her academic workload. She has problem with her studies due to some failed subjects. One of the subjects she has taken twice and yet she failed..Ohh..

I explained to her, if you failed any subject you started to lose your confidence in your academic life. That is the impact of being failed in your studies. She started to cry and explaind to me about losing some of her friends due to different year of studies. Friends are very very important at the univ level. Without friends you started to lose grip of your strength. That shows that man is social by nature. We must always live with jamaah. However, in terms of academic workload, some students say that I want to take 21 credit hours beacause my friends did that. This one, you cannot follow your friend. You have to do it based on your much you can go. The more you carry workload, the more possiblity of messing them up in the final exam. Be honest with your self. I am sure most of us aware about limitation.

One more thing, dont think that the earlier you graduate, the sooner you will get a job. Job is a matter of rezki..just dont stop making doa and efforts. The rest, let Allah dispose what is best fof you.

it is fine.

I have two replacement classes today for two different subjects at two different times . One of my students had entered the wrong class..It was a kind of embarrassing to make such mistake actually.

She came to see me and expressed how embarrassed she was in the class just now. Well, sis, this is still a trial week. This is part of growing process..besides, everybody does that at least once in his/her life. Betul tak?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ohh..what a day..

Today is the 1st day of the semester.It has been a hectic one for me. Being an academic advisor and had to stay at the One Stop Centre from 8.30-5pm..owh..such a tiring job. Attending to the students' querries and requests on academic stuffs..

Despite all these, I managed to release myself for two hours to give two lectures from 9-11am. (I am wondering what will happen in ramadhan..2 hours?..). after the classess, I went back to One Stop Centre to continue advising some more students until 1pm.

I have a break at 1-2.15 to pray and have my lunch. Before I could pray zohor, I received a courtesy visit from my previous sem students; ah thiam, awai and ahsraf..That was sweet of you.

At 2.30, continued my duty and at 3.10, I received a text message from my deputy dean to be at the Moot court to give a speech on the roles and duties of academic advisor to the First Year students.

One of the things that I mentioned was that, " when you came to this university, I believed that you wanted to get a degree..Before you get your degree, you need to pay tuition fees..However, it does not mean that once you paid it ( fees) you will automatically get the degree..You have earn for that..either hard way or easy way.."

Till then, all the best!

p.s. Dhue Comel and Norfairoz Cute,congrats!

Monday, July 6, 2009

kisah MJ..

Saya terpanggil untuk menulis entry kali ni bila anak saya yg bongsu, Lutfi, mula menyebut lagu2 Michael Jackson. Sebelum kematian MJ, tak da seorang pun dalam rumah ni yg kenal MJ melainkan Mama dia saja..

Apa yg boleh diperhatikan di sini bahawa sebelum orang itu meninggal dunia kita tidak megambil endah sangat pada kebaikan dia. Kita byk menyenbut keburukan dan kekurangan orang tersebut. Berbalik pada kisah MJ ni, byk cerita yg buruk timbul pada beliau. Macam2..ini lah harga yg perlu dibayar sebagai seorng celebriti. Saya bukan nak menyebelahi MJ dgn pelbagai tuduahn yg dilemparkan pada beliau sebab saya tidak terlibat langsung dalam kes tersebut Cuma media massa yg menguar2kan cerita beliau. Sebenarnya kita tidak boleh percaya sngat pada cerita2 dalam majalah, suratkhabr dsbg. Byk yg berat sebelah dan byk yg tidak betul..

Saya teringat juga pada Allahyarham Sudirman haji Arshad yg baru2 ni diberi anugerah Datuk setelah hamper 18 tahun meninggal dunia. Saya membesar dgn lagu2 sentimental Sudirman..setelah dia meniggal dunia baru saya mampu membeli koleksi CD lagu2 beliau.

Begitu juga dgn Tan Sri P Ramlee..dah meninggal baru la nak bagi tu nak bagi ni.. Nampaknya Shah Rukh Khan saja yg untung..senang2 je dapat Datuk..masih hidup dan senang lenang lagi.. Kera dihutan disusukan, anak dipangkuan entah ke mana.

Satu lagi isu yg saya nak kongsikan di sini ialah, di Malaysia ni terutama sekali, yg popular ialah celebriti atau ahli politik. Ahli akademik ni tak macam selebriti. Orang lebih kenal selebriti daripada Profesor, Prof Madya dsbg..
Ada tak org kenal saya…? Ada..mesti ada..student saya kan? Tapi dia org ni kenal saya masa nak exam je.. huhu..