Friday, February 27, 2009

ore arab kecek kelate!

I am sure some of you have heard this video clip. But for those who have not..check this out! This is amazing to hear a non malay speaker could speak kelantanese dialect

My students laughed at me..

Yesterday, I had a class with my 1st year students. I told them that they need to read a list of cases about the postion of Islam as the religion of the Malaysian federation. One of the cases is Ng Wah Chan's case. There is a my studnet in that class whose name is Ng Ah Thiam..and I called him Ng Wah Chan, what is the answer! The class burst into laughter and I said, eh, what happened?Then I realised that I made a mistake. I was so embarrassed. I could feel my cheeks were hot! Blushing!

Adoi!Mak oi..Malunya..

It is ok..they enjoyed it anyway..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tagged.. (edisi kemaskini)

I dont know about tag tag nih..suka baca org yg kena tagged je.. Tapi bila saya diberitahu yg saya kena tag, tak tahu nak cari tag tu kat mana..siap tanya org yg bagi tag tu..mana tag nya? anyway, ni lah jawpanya wahai cikgu mokhsin..errr..saya tak pandai macam awak dan Ise, siap ada gambar2 lagi..

1. I am...

Ramizah wan muhammad

2. I really want to go...

to Mecca this year to perform my hajj..

3.My favourite place is...

My house/bedroom..

4.My favourite thing is...

hmm..a couple of things, depending on moisturiser, sunglass, Majalah GLAM.. favourite drink is...


6.My favourite food is...

any fish..just love it!

7. My favourite colour is...


8. I live in..


9.I was born at...

Kg Penambang, Kota Bharu.

10. my favourite story is...

sirah nabi..

11.My college was

I did not go to college..anyway, IIUM

12.My hobby is.....


13. I wish for this


Friday, February 20, 2009


Now in AIKOL, students are busy with midterm tests. Sometimes they could have up to two tests per day. This does not include assignments,presentations and any other co curiculum. I really understand your predicament lately. But, what to do? This is your "career" at this moment. This is just a matter of time management, oraganised routine and self discpline.

Actually I want to share with you about students who cheat during the exam or test. They are so so creative as long as their mission is accomplished. they will write on their hands, memo pads and sometimes they have their own code numbers to confuse the lecturer or exam attendant.

At AIKOL, cheating takes place at moot court or when they are given multiple choice questions. At moot court, it happens because the place is huge..only one lecturer at the time, but students are 60..on top of that the lecturer did not make any initiative to remove all the notes or bags or mobile phones from the students. Besides the lecturer is busy procrastinating of what to teach next class or there are some more bundles of answer script to be marked..

Multiple choice questions-it happened at the end of the exam..while the lecturers are busy collecting the answer scripts..

Not to cheat should come from your self consicence. You are the loser at the end of your life. Your life will never get the barakah from Allah. I will always remind my studetns, if they ever do that, I am sure Allah will punish you and you will not get my doa as a teacher.

These people are desperate enough to get something whta they want in this world without knowing the implications later on. Be true to yourself and stay original!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bedah Filem Ayat2 Cinta..

Last night, for the first time , I was invited by Law & Society, IIUM to give a Bedah Filem on Ayat2 Cinta..It was fun actually to do something beyond your specialisation /academic field. I was so pleased to see those students who came for the talk because it seemed to me that they were so happy listening to my talk yg merambu ramba..whatever it is, i think i did my best and came home with meehoon goreng yg amat sedap! ( of course they gave me a token).

This was the first Indonesian Movie I watched after 22 years, i guess. It has been a long long time.. But I liked to mention here the person who encouraged me to watch this movie was Kak Nur, a family friend in Singapore who told me about this story. Later, I was informed by Hayyi that there is novel on Ayat2 Cinta..

Thank you to Izyan, Khalilah and arasy for your support and idea..

A final note:

To love somebody set him free
If he comes back to you, he is yours
If he does not, then it is never meant to be...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

balik kampung part 2

Tak tau nak tulis apa kali, kita layan je gambar2 masa balik kelate last month..

Ise, lagu ni la kacau sura.. cara orang kelate..cara ore sandakan lain sikit deh? ;-)

bergambar dgn chick..makcik ku yg sgt baik hati..

anak2 orang yg sedang bergembira...Lutfi tak habis2 dgn gaya Randy Orton..

Mak2 orang yg sedang duduk ala2 zaman dulu2...

anak ku sedang mengacau sura..pandai juga weh..

Zaki ni buleh dah jd ore kelate..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

balik kampung part 1

Inillah sebahagian dari gambar2 yg diambil di Tok Bali Resort.. Check it out!

Ma dan Abah, saling berdampingan berlatarkan ombak pantai...

Pantai Tok Bali..tenang setenang2nya..

Ami, the babysitter..

Budak2 la yg paling seronik..Gaya lutfi tu macam pernah tengok je..Randy Orton ke?
Ahnaf tu, seluar macam dah terkoyak zip tu..Ouch!

Sorry, Beb..Gambar tak sempat nak rotate..Tak de kerja lain, melompat je..

Lompat lagi.. Zaki tak yah lompat la, dah tinggi!