Friday, June 27, 2008

Hmm..dont know what to do :-(

I have a paper to be prepared this coming august. The organizer wants me to submit the full paper on the 18th of July. so far I have written only 2 pages..My time has been allocated for the coming seminar on Isu2 Mahkamah Syariah this coming November. Inviting the presenters, moderators and panelists..this is a tough job. Secretary is the busiest person in any organisation/committee. I am looking forward that this upcoming seminar is going to be grand and well received by the public. I hope so..,

My paper to IKIM is another freaking out issue..They asked me to present on Sejarah pentadbiran Islami di Malaysia..Wow! This is really a History. History in the sense that, first time I am going to present a paper in IKIM and first in my whole life I am going to present it in Bahasa Melayu..Huu Huu..hayyi, please help me.. I am afraid that my Kelantanese dialect will come out instead of bahasa Melayu..

I am still infront of my laptop..staring at the file of IKIM paper..and a number of books piling up on the table. I have to read them all and verify which one is /are relevant..Ouch! Interstingly enough, the most important thing is the Kamus Dewan bahasa dan Pustaka which I have not stopped flipping from page to page..trying to figure out what are the right words to use..I dont want to say, " I looked stupid if I say it in bahasa" I should say that I looked shameless if I dont know how to speak a good bahasa! This is a challlenge for me..I must give my best shot for this conference.

till then, see you guys soon!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Puisi lagi..

We have two more weeks to go before the new semester begins on th 7th July 2008. I am looking forward to meet new batch of students. There is a major reshuffle for the courses I am teaching next sem. My sections have been given to another lecturer and his sections were given to me..I am sure those students who already pre registered would be terrified to see my Common face in their classes and I am prretty sure they will be running like a drunk looking for academic advisor to endorse their new class..and you know what? I am the ACADEMIC ADVISOR! Ha!Ha! This is going to be very interesting story..

You know guys, not many students would like to enrol in my sections..They dont like me! Besides, the case of last semester where a number of students had petitioned against me over the their grades! This has created a "landmark case" that madam ramizah's class is not worth taking..Sigh.. What to do, huh? Anyway, this is quite normal..Being a " celebrity" gossip, comment answer..Ha!ha!

Whatever it is, i have one puisi for my last semester students..Here it goes

Aku Masih Berdiri Di sini
Melilau lilau dan mencari-cari
Wajah-wajah yg ku kenali
Dan nama-nama yang ku ingati
Agar dapt rindu dikongsi
Sambil memintal benang di sisi
Untuk menjerut kasih di hati
Agar Aku jangan engkau lepas pergi
Biar saja ia bersemadi
Pada setiap sanubari
untuk ke sekian kali..

I missed my students very much! They have a special place in my heart and through discussion with them i managed to grab some idea in my research..
Hope to see you soon!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Photos in Melbourne

With my friend, dr CT from UM, in front of Melbourne Law School..Hmm on the way nak gi shopping to Victoria Market for the 4th time! Ouch...
Cruising Yarra River with myfriend Kerstin from Germany..She is a lecturer at UniMelb
During Question and Answer session..trying very hard to comprehend what was the question..

I was smiling while giving my presentation but nobody knows what were in my stomach! Not only butterflies but dinosaurs and King Kong were fighting too!

The above photos were taken last nov 2007.

To say goodbye..


Today I went to Bandar Utama, Damansara to say goodbye to Noojma, the late dr Mohd akram's wife. It was very sad moment for me and my friend azizah. Her husband, dr akram, had passed away last april. I got the message about dr akram's death when I was in Kota Bahru. I could only gave her a visit two weeks later. She was a good friend despite we seldom meet to each other except at any Kulliyyah's programme.

She was in Malaysia for over 17 years and she never thought she is going to leave Malaysia without her husband. I shared her grief when she told me that her husband died on her lap.. It was a heartwrenching moment to hear that from her.. Sigh..I dont know what will happen if the same thing happens to me.

She will be going to her daughter's house in Brisbane to finish her eddah period in august and later she will fly back to India to be with her siblings.

It was a very brief visit to her house and I left her with tears rolling down on my cheeks and wondering when will I see her again.

My last message to her was that, hopefully one day Allah will allow us to meet again if not in this would be in the hereafter.

To Noojma, may Allah bless your husband's soul and place him among His the Syuhada' and Beloved. At the same time may Allah grant you the best of health so that you could grab the opportunity to be with your children and grandchildren and ultimately to do Ibadah to Allah. Our time will come..sooner or later..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Welcome back!

It has been a long long time that I did not not post any entry..The last entry was in March. I was not that busy..but I got no time to write anything. I have no idea what to write because my mind was occupied about the house, my job and my kids.

To all "my fans", Janna, Hayyi and kakak..I know all of you missed me so much. Sorry guys, to keep you waiting during my absence..well, absence makes heart grow fonder! Ouch!

Now, I am back! My maid is also back..he!he! that is the great news, huh? Anyway, there are a lot of things came up for the past 3 months. My maid was gone and I was there, in the house, with 3 grown up kids plus "my roomate" of over 15 years. Alhamdullilah we are still in one piece.

There are a few important things that essentially appeared during her absence; My kids become more responsible citizens, My beloved hubby beccomes more generous and considerate and myself..hmm..I became acquainted with my house! Wow! This is great!

I went back to Kampung penambang last two weeks to be at my 7th sister wedding. It was fun to be there despite being in a crowded place. My elder sister in Singapore also was there and stayed in KB until 6th June, i guess.. The theme colour for this marriage is green..You can check the photos at janna's homepage ( My kids enjoyed most of the stay in Kelate, espcially Lutfi who has not stopped asking me when are we going back to kelantan..He said "I want to stay in kelantan for 100 days!"

What else, huh? I am not that busy now because semester will only begin on the 7th of July and I will be damn busy for the first and second week of the semester. The faculty had appointed me as an Academic Advisor of the Kulliyyah..this is going to kill my time with my students assigned in my sections. Anyway, hopefully it is going to be an amazing experience dealing with all AIKOL students. Wish me Good Luck!

Till then, will write again!

Chow Chin Chaw!