Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Rintihan ku..

Ya Tuhan ku
Dgn tulus hatiku
Aku mohon pada Mu
Lapangkanlah dada ku
Kuatkan semangat ku
Suluhkanlah jalan hdiup ku
Kemelut hati ku
Tidak kekal buntu
Gusaran di kalbu
Tidak kekal di situ
Senyum di bibir ku
Bukan lagu munafikku

Sesungguhnya Ya Tuhanku
Letih sungguh jiwa raga ku
Penat sungguh fikiran ku
Cukup lah sudah beban ku
Yg ku usung sejak purnama dulu
Tolonglah ya Tuhan ku…
Dengarlah rintihan ku
Aku pasrah pada Mu..


Thursday, January 21, 2010

with my family

with my dear abah..who is very supportive, funny and mr cool guy.

With my Mom..who is very loving, beautiful and patience mother..

This is one of my favourite photos so far..with my 3 sisters, Jie, Amie and Fatien..

Monday, January 18, 2010


These are the two books which I bought last saturday. These are motivational books. Alhamdulillah, they work on me.

I have not finished reading the two books but I feel better now..No more worries, no more crying, no more blaming.. we have to learn to be Contented, Thankful and forgiving..

I am not alone either

I just received a call from my one of my students in Sarawak. She failed a few papers and she is supposed to graduate last sem but she could not make it on time like her class friends. She was crying over the phone. I could understand how she feels and we cried together finally. * sigh * She was keeping everything to herself and she suffered alone..I know it was so painful because I am feeling it now for other reason..

I told her to come and see me so that I can hold her hands and assure her that there is somebody out there who still care and love her.. are not alone.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

being an academic advisor

I was appointed as an acadecmic advisor at the Kulliyyah last Jun 2009. My term expires this June 2010. This job is not as demanding as Deputy Dean Acadecmic and Student affairs but still needs some amount of sacrifices from me.
The sacrifice that I meant here such as time. Yes, this student can come any time to my whenever they are free. Sometimes they come when I am very busy attending my class students’ interest but I need to allocate my time to him or her. Or while I was on phone, i need to ask him to come some other time.

The other one is to be able to listen to their problem. One by one..from financialproblem to their personal life. Whether I like it or not, I must listen and try to understand as much as possible.

The most hear wrenching moment while I was devastated over something or sometimes in the middle of crying or I was disturbed with anything, they would knock my door and asked me “ are you academic advisor?”. Can you “please solve my problem?” arrgh.. To hear this questions, is really frustrates me.. Sometimes I am doing my job like a zombie..I am dead but I have to keep alive so that I can show the others the exit of their academic problem.

Well, life is not to wait for the storms to pass but how to dance in the rain with humbleness and great attitude..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

being a student

Being a student means that you have entrusted by your loved ones to attend the class and to involve with any activites which are related to your studies scuh as going to the lab or mooting etc so that at the end of the day you will get a degree.

Getting a degree means you need to earn the degree. How? By going to the class . It is your paramount duty to make sure that you go to the class regularly. This is an amanah that you pledged when you enrolled at this university.

However, there are some students who are so busy with other activities at the expense of their classes. I have no objection if you want to involve in these curriculum but of course not to the extent of missing your classes. This should be in your mind when you agreed to involve in this area.

Lecture and tutorials involve you and your teacher. The teacher is in charge of the class, she is the managing the class and students. Hence, any student should not think that they can come anytime they want and miss the class anytime she pleases. An excuse letter that you have is not excuse for missing the class. It is just to inform the teacher that you have a program to attend to.

It is encouraged for every student to involve in these activities. They also must bear in mind that by doing this, they are sacrificing their leisure time for the sake of their activities.

I really hope that my students will think deeply before they decide to involve in this activities. But most of the times a communication that you missed with your teacher had actually made her upset.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

only you..

Only you

A person can make you feel high
A person can make you feel low
But only you can decide
Which way you want to go

A person can hurt you mentally
A person can hurt you physically
But only you can place
A limit of your abilities

A person can cause you drama
A person can cause you a situation
But only you can create
Your own reputation

A person can make you laugh
A person can make you cry
But only you can make
Decisions for your life

I guess what I am trying to say
That when you are living day to day
Don’t live what people say about you
But live by what you know is true…
And what is right for you..

p.s. this poem is dedicacted to danial :-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Letter to Rafael Nadal

Dear Rafa,

I prayed very hard last night that you could win the Qatar Open...but my prayer was not fulfilled at the very moment. Of course, I was dissappointed but I am sure yours are worst than mine.

I am sure as a great sportman, this defeat will not dampen your spirit at the Australian Open which will come in one week's time. I will try not to miss the tournament from the beginning until the usual. However, the moment you are out then that is the end of watching.

Federer, your friend was out one step before of you.. I am sure he will come back. Please be prepare for the worst.

I hope this year, you will win as many grand slams as possible..

Till then..Take care rafa

Saturday, January 9, 2010

me and my students

I just realised this morning that ever since i came back from Makkah, my concern is about my students' interest. About their classes, tests, notes and intense preparation before going to the class so that I could deliver the best. Yesterday I was at the office marking their homewrks and lecture notes until 5.30pm though I had no class, appointment and meeting.

This morning I just realised that I did not give a thought about myself. My publication and reseacrh. I used to tell to my students, sometimes we need to be selfish.. I think, now i should tell this to myself..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Being a teacher

I went to Jusco yesterday to buy dinner for the family. While I was waiting for my nasi goreng ayam, suddenly came one man and introduced himself as my former student. He said that his name is Mohd nazri bin Yahya. I hardly recognised him due to several reasons. Could be my memory and my age or could be he looked smart with tuck in shirt and hairdo.

Anyway, I was very pleased to be greeted by my ex students. I couldnt be more than happy that they are now working and have a job as well as families.

I remember very well, when I was in Kota Bharu and I crossed the road to go to pasar besar MPKB a.k.a pasar besar lama, suddenly, one car stopped and gave me man came out from the car and came to me and said.."Madam! Dont you remember me?" I was still a bit surprise and it seemed that he came out of nowhere.. I said ", tak ingatlah.." " It's me..Ubaidillah..the naughtiest student in your class back then!" When he started laughing and smiling then i began to recall his behaviour. he he...He wass my first student that I taught in 1994.

The moral of the story, dont forget your teacher..if you see him or her..try to greet her and introducd yourself to him/her. He/she may not rememeber you..let it be. But I am sure he would be very ahppy to talk to you..

My teachers in Sek Keb Penambang cannot be located as of now. Many of them have passed away.. I wish I could have contacted them..but back then there was no emails, hp, hp and FB..

You may be somebdoy now but remember once you were nobody until your teacher's stepped in to share his knowlegde with you..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cinta Kedua

Cinta kedua

Bila dtgnya cinta kedua
Tiada yg disangka
tiada juga prasangka
Sesungguhnya ia manis belaka

Cinta kedua diterima
Ikhlas dua hati bersama
Bila sinar mata semakin ketara
Bila senyum manis semakin terasa
Bila perpisahan menjadi dahaga
Bila perrtemuan menjadi nikmat ceria

Cinta kedua harus sedar
Tika masa dan ketika
Harus mengalah
terutama pada yg mula
Yg hati perlu dijaga
Hormat perlu ditinta

Wahai cinta kedua
Jgn engkau kecewa
Jgn juga engkau lupa
Yg penting hati si dia
Dan engkau sebenarnya
adalah juara dan bukannya kedua...

P.S. asyik2 puisi je ni lepas balik dari Makkah. Mungkin hati menjadi begitu sensitif sekarang, fikiran menjadi lebih puitis dek menaggung rindu pada keluarga atau mungkin ujian dtg.. walau apa pun, yg menariknya puisi ini di tulis di dalam confercence Room semasa kitaorang semua sedang bermesyuarat. Apa cerita di sebalik puisi ni? hmm..terpulang pada telahan masing2..
Selamat tinggal 2009 dan selamat datang 2010.
Mudah2an cinta kedua pada tahun 2009 akan ditinggalakan dan cinta ketiga dtg pada 2010.. selamat tinggal..