Monday, October 19, 2009

Q & A with Wafi..

Case 1 ( wafi was between 4-5 years old)

I am spinning M.Nasir’s songs for the 3rd time in the car we were travelling in..

Wafi: Mama, do you like M. nasir?
Mama: Yes, wafi..I love him very much.
Wafi: Why you did not marry him then?...
Mama: Ohh..very good question wafi..but I have no answer at this moment

Case 2 ( wafi was between 7-8 years old)

I was busy preparing dishes for his birthday party.

Wafi: Mama, why are you doing this?
Mama: Today is your birthday. You are special my son..
Wafi: When is your special day?
Mama: My special day would be when I have you..well, when you were tiny and the doctor put you on my belly..hmm..when is your special day then?
Wafi: hmm…when you are dead.
Mama: astaghfirullah al azim… *@#%$&

Case 3 ( wafi is now..13years old)

We were watching a movie showing a man has a paralysed wife and she is on the wheel chair..

Mama: Hmm..he still loves his wife though she is paralysed..
Wafi: I want to ask you something mama..
Mama: Your something is not ordinary one, wafi…There must be a catch.. what is it?
Wafi: After you married to papa, have you ever thought of marrying a blind man?
Mama: What kind of question is that, huh? You are so imaginative and creative la..I need to tell your papa about this..
Wafi: I am serious mama..
Mama: astaghfirullah…subhanallah..masyAllah..


Ahlami said...

wafi..wafi..that's wafi..
unique and very imaginative.
kih3..and funny as always!

Adrina Adi said...

adoi la wafi...

bertuah betul.

patunghujan said...

wafi tu memglaa

ramizah said...

to everyone: Wafi is special and has the emphaty feeling towards others..

[ i E n a ] said...

ustazah mayb mere zindagi ustazah ajar wafi to think everything as creative as he can...

Kami said...

nakal gop wafi..buleh kiro..