Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mini Celebrity?

Wafi: Mama patut ada twitter la..
Mama: I thought twitter is meant for public figures or celebrities.
Wafi: Mama, you are a celebrity too.
Mama: Hah? I am not.
Wafi:  You are a mini celebrity...hehe

I think what my son, wafi, meant was, since I am a blogger I have some followers. As of today I have 149 followers. Actually, I dont like the odd number. Who will be my 150th follower? :) 

Anyway, what say you about me opening a Twitter account? I need your feedback. My twitter's name should be UstazahCinta.  

Till then, Happy Reading!


Aisyah Wm said...

Kelakar angah ni, selalu bagi istilah-istilah yang pelik tapi benar. Anyway kak ngoh u r a celebrity..n patut buka akaun twitter. kalau kak ngoh ada twitter nanti aisyah pun akan buka juga:)

Ahlami said...

Yeah wafi is right!
You should have a twitter account then you can post up all the interesting quotes of yours and your followers will surely retweet and share the quotes! Hehe
Plus, you can follow my twitter too kakngoh! Haha

fatienwm said...

hehe. kalu kak ngoh ada twitter, adk punya twitter pon semakin aktif la nanti!.:))

Syahira Ismail said...

u really is a celebrity..see. ad orang genapkan to 150. btw, i've been reading ur blog since the beginning of 2012. seronok baca n informative too.

Shahir said...

Hai UstazahCinta a.k.a UstazahCelebrity. Buat la account twitter. Saya pun ada jugak. Hihi. :-P

KhALiLI_HaNNaN said...

Wah.. Baru bkira2 nak buka akaun twitter juga. Bukalah ustazah.. Blh la bertwitt. Hehehehe

Wan azizon Wan muhammad said...

No comment....hihi....