Friday, February 29, 2008

being a teacher..

In my last entry I spoke about being a student..the duties of a student. Now I guess it is fair to say something about the roles of a teacher.

Being a teacher means that you have to face a number of students. These students are those whom you should groom them with your knowledge and skills. On top of that, you need to set an exemplary conduct to your students. Whether you realise or not they are going to imitate what you have been doing and saying!

There was one incident happened here recently which triggered me to ponder what happened in the past for the last 15 years of teaching. To look back if any mistakes that I might have made unconsciously. Well, we are also human beings with full of shortcomings. However, once you are a teacher, sometimes students would not understand that you are a human being like them. They used to think that a teacher is somebody who will teach you and somebody whom they can emulate your footsteps.

being a teacher, first and foremost, you must love students! Love to teach them and love being with them. Try to remember all their names and mention their names when you talk to them. they are would feel wonderful if their teacher could remember their names.

Being a teacher, you need to correct them if they make mistakes and remind them if they forget. I guess a teacher should reprimand them if necessary. Sometimes a sort of punishment would make them think what went wrong and give them a space to think about their mistakes.

being a teacher, you need to exercise your creativity in dealing in with students. students have different categories with different approaches from a teacher.

However, one thing that a teacher ought to avoid is to use any harsh words and foul language to his student. I am sure, if he ever used it, it will remain in the students' mind throughout their life..

A teacher also should respect his student so that student will respect him because respect is not to be asked but it is earned..

Respect to yourself, people will respect you

Love to yourself, people will love you..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Puisi untuk dikongsi bersama..

Puisi ini ditulis pada 16/07/2007, sehari sebelum pembedahan dilakukan di Hospital Pantai, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur...Terimakasih pada Dr Hamid Arshat yang mengetuai pembedahan. Seorang doktor yang berpengalaman dan berjiwa Islam..

Aku redha dgn ketentuanMu

Bila Mendengar berita duka ku

Sehingga aku menjadi kaku pada takdir Mu

Tapi, akhirnya aku menjadi pasrah dan setuju

Lebih-lebih lagi aku juga semakin tahu

Bahawa semangat harus jitu

Mengharungi onak dan debu

serta percaya pada sifatMu

Bahawa Engkau Maha Kuasa ku

Yang Menghidup dan mematikan aku

Bila ajal sampai waktu... :-(

16 Julai 2007, 7.32 pm Isnin

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hmmm..student, student..

I am very busy lately..especially with my students, I mean studens who gave me hard time in dealing with them.. Studnets who lack of discpline, virtues, manners and most importantly those who did not know what are their roles as students in the university.

Whenver I remember about these students, I remember about their parents who sent them here and sponsored their studies here. They actually did not know what their children are doing! They skip my classes, they did ot complete their assignment on time and they even lied to me! When they lied , that is the end of their journey..I have to give them ultimatum.

I always tell my students that ".. I am here to teach you and guide you..I am here not to please anyone of you here.. If you like me, it is great to hear that but if you dont like me..I wont change myself because of you"

My life as a teacher/lecturer in this university has given me a tremendous experience in dealing with the studnets..I hold no grudges to those whom I have "scolded" them..Life is full of experience, trial and error..Life goes on as the saying goes :-)

To enjoy your life at the fullest but not at the expense of somebody else's life!

Friday, February 15, 2008


This is a photo taken in 1989 when Ami ( my sister) was 2 years old. I like this photo because of our smiling which are similar. I still keep it and I am sure she does not have this photo. Now Ami is 21 years old and studying in Adelaide, Australia. Ami, all the best in your studies! Bon Voyage!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Class presentation (II)

The class presentations are almost finished. There are 2 more groups to go.. I really want to share with you about my students and their presenatations. Two days ago there was a presentation by a group of girls and their topic was on "Beauty and Botox". He! he! the topic is pretty much interesting...These girls were amazing! I could give them an Oscar for their super acting! There was an audio visual which they recorded through their mobile phone. They have acting skills..I could never imagined that these "malu-malu" could do that.. Their 10 minute a so called tragic movie made me glued on the seat, plus the presention went smoothly. The feeling of satisfcations could be seen on their faces. I salute you , girls! ( Shamila, Izzati and Sakinah)

Prior to this, a group of brothers also presented on the same above topic, when I asked them what do you understand about the beauty? They answered that beauty comes from the heart.. Wow! That was a splendid answer, huh..But, are they really mean it? ;-)

Actually, there are variety of topics which I told them to choose from the provided or they chose themselves. We have heard on delayed marriage among the Muslim girls and boys ( which I found out that most of the girls would like to get married at the age of 26 and boys, at the age of 27), Birth control ( this is very interesting where one of them would like to have 12 children! Come on Syauqi..), Halal logo ( this is ala Melodi), Terrorism ( the presenters are not terrorist enough!) , blasphemy( some people who did not know the meaning of freedom of expression :-( etc. They have to relate their topics have to the Maqasid Syariah. I learned a lot from them including the contents which I may not well verse enough on the subjects. To have a successful presentation , students need to have a well prepared presentation. Further, they have to practise so that the presentation is according to the time limit and substantiated appropriately. The presentation is smoothly done if there is a teamwork from all group members and each member must done their job as specified. I always emphasise to my students that they must find a team member who understands the meaning of teamwork..Otherwise they will get back whatever they gave it to me.. Ouch!

For those who have done theirs, I would like to congratulate them. Well Done! Marks will be published soon, so check it out!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Puisi for my students


Untuk putera puteriku

Aku tidak bermaksud begitu

Dan bukan juga untuk menyusahkan mu

Dengan leteran dan gaya ku

Sesungguhnya apa yang aku mahu

Kamu harus punya hati yang jitu

Semangat yang padu

Kasih sayang pada Ilmu

Hormat pada guru

Jihad pada Yang Satu

Agar kamu tahu yang mana salah Satu

Benar atau palsu….


ramizah wan Muhammad

aikol, uia. 1.15pm

Puisi ini khusus untuk pelajar2 ku yang aku kasihi... Fahami la maksud yang tersirat dalam puisi ini.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

holiday activities

Hello, again!
There was a pause of my post for a few days..The feeling of laziness has stricken me. But later I found one comment from my sister in keningau, then, it cheers me up! Thank you janna. Please dont compare me with you.. I am just an amateur.. Kuang! Kuang! Kuang!Wow! she read my blog.. This must be the job of my other sister..who else, dr jie!

What did I do for the past few day? I made curry puffs! 3 consecutive days! Ahah, 3 different kinds of filings.. He! he! I also baked chocolate chip cookies which I got the recipe from my student, mohsein. My nephew, haikal and adam were here for two nights. My youngest son, Lutfi whom enjoyed most their stay in our place. They relationship grows closer now..Great news for me!

I went to pasar tani in the morning today, however, there were some stalls which were closed. And these stalls belong to Malay sellers! Wow, they are more ambitious in enjoying the holiday than the Chinese..That is the culture of Malaysians where we enjoying each other's holiday. This is a unique culture of our beloved country..

tomorrow is the new day again, insyallah. Life will be as usual..Life with the loved ones with unexpected and expected things will happen.. May Allah bless us all. Amin

Take care!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Class Presentations

Hello, again! Today I listened to 6 presentations of my students. They are so creative! They were so quiet in the class, however when they prepared their presentations, we can see that they have their creativity in making the presentation so well.

The first presentation by a group of sisters who talked about transsexualism in Malaysia. They managed to have a wonderful presentation with an organised contents. However, their style of presenting should be improved together with command of language. Overall, they are good.

The second group presented about "why we should recite our prayer in arabic language". This is a thought provoking topic which I wondered at first whether they were able to analyse the existing authorities and presented convincingly . Well, they proved me wrong! They were awesome! I loved it! Other students also agreed with me.. They were creative, funny, entertaining and analytical.. I congratulated them by sending an SMS, "Well Done". Sometimes we should give them opportunity to prove that they are good enough to be University students..

Students must be taught to love the knowledge and believe in their strength..Because of my love them, I will not hesitate to give compliment if they deserve and scold them if necessary..

tomorrow, there will be 2 more presentations. I hope these two groups will try to give their best shot for tomorrow's presentation.

Last but not least , please no latecomers to the class.. I just could not tolerate any latecomers and I will not hesitate to give them an ultimatum for being late..My life as a teacher is to teach them the rules and virtues being a student..Love to your self, knowledge and your teacher..

That's all for now..I am sleepy.. I have class at 8 am tomorrow.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

sunday activities

Today is Sunday and I love Sunday! Why? So that I can go to Pasar Tani and see so many fresh vegetables and a variety of fish and kuih that are on display for "inviation to treat". Of course I bought a few things as well other than enjoying my eyes.. I bought ikan pari, ikan siakap and Ikan kembung. two chickens were cut into 14 pieces each plus some vegetables and 10 telur itik.. Wow! It is a lot..I have to do this, CNY is coming and I need to have enough stock in my fridge..

My two sisters were here today and we had lunch together. My sister in Bangi had to come again this week, so that her children could come for swimming. Actually there were here last week for the same reason, however the pool was repaired. They had to come again because her children have been pestering her to come for swimming.. Well, some children they are very firm with their mission and vision and parents are here to materialise their visions..

In the evening, I went to Jusco to buy some groceries with my other sister who was here for a holiday. My youngest son was with me and helped me to locate a few things and to remind me what to buy as well.. thank you lutfi! You know what, there are so many people in Jusco today. It was so crowded and I had to book for my turn at the cashier counter... We reached home at 7.15 and off to the kitchen to fry kueh tiaw goreng for dinner tonight.

I am thinking to bake some cookies this week in conjunction with CNY holiday..I love cooking so much. Almost every week, new recipes I will try out. Once my hubby asked me why I love cooking. My answer was, "it gives me a piece of mind.." I hope he got my message! he!he!

Till then, have pleasant days ahead..