Tuesday, January 27, 2009

balik kampung...

I am glad to inform all of you that I will be flying back to Kelantan tonight. This is my first trip to Kelantan for this year..InsyAllah some more trips will be held until the end of the year.

There will be some missions to be accomplished for this trip. One is to cook Nihari for my dear sister, jie, who is expecting for her first child. The essential ingredients are ready. All she needs to do is to buy kaki lembu..

Next mission is to go to Tok Bali Resort for a one night stay. I should be thankful enough to my sister, Ha, for making the booking and prepared the menu for the picnic.

the third one is to collect my baju kurung from Rubee Boutique. It is ready now. I am so excited to see how do they look like..hmm..yummy!yummy! of course, two more are coming..ouch!

This one i have not informed my mom, I want to eat SUGHO lembik..hmm..lamo dah tak make.. Rasanya, masih lagi dalam bulan Muharram. Hopefully ada la oghe buat sugh

InsyAllah, I will be back next month..To my students, no class this week. See you on the 2nd of February.. Dont forget your homeworks, huh?


Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy and :-(

Since new year begins I have been receiving some great news about my students who have graduated last semester. They got a job! Many of them are doing chambering since they want to fulfill their ambition to be a lawyer. They need to complete a 9 month training before they are called to to the Bar. I also got a news that they got a job as senior assistant registrar at High Court, Deputy Public Prosecutor, Magistrates, Legal advisor, teacher, businessman etc.

Well, what else I should say but to congratulate all of you! May you all succeed in your new life as a working lady or man.

I am always hoping that all of my students would keep in touch with me. As a proof, that they remember their teacher, they should do two things; To send hari Raya card and to send a message on hari Guru..

How much you said that you remember me, it is not true until you have done those two things..

Nobody knows how much you love your wife, husband, children, students, teacher until you put into practice of what you said...but like most of you said..I am busy madam...I have no time to write all these, no time to buy you a card.. It is ok.. you are busy. I am not busy at all..What else I should say but to wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thinking about students and...

I am teaching two different students this semester. The first group is first year students and the second group is third year students.

Generally, people would perceive that 1st year students are very Malu2 and a little passive due to the much instilled fear to the students. Well, this time is wrong..These students are very aggressive and no fear at all! I have one boy, Ya ! Allah, in my first class with him he asked me about 10 questions and the 2nd class, 15 questions have been posed to me..The 3rd class, I warned him that the limit for him to ask questions is only 3 questions! he did that but he chase me after the class to ask the rest...he!he! Asking questions is not only applied to him but other studetns as well but he is the most obviuos and popular..

Third year students on the other hand, seem to be very quiet..very obedient, sami'na wa ata'na..
I dont really like this either. They dont seem to be 3rd year student. Come on guys! Speak up!
The girls's tudung are still covering their aurat ( in the class la..) Once 3rd yeat st sem is over,you can see the differcne of their length of tudung and clothes.. 1st year studetns have no problem with their tudung and clothes.. unless they are direct intake students who are actually frist time wearing tudung..

Anyway, as time goes, as you grow older, as your ilmu increased..the tudung is getting shorter and shorter..It goes the opposite direction..this is disheartening to see this happened to my students and my colleagues..

Friday, January 2, 2009

New year, New Day, New World..

This is a normal wish for everybody whenever New year arrives, they tend to make a new resolution and new wish or to continue the same wish wchih has not been fulfilled last year.

Every resolution and every wish should be made everytime we feel we need to do it. We dont have to wait until the year is over. Every wsih should come with action and strong commitment that we are going to achieve it.

This year, i guess starts with a heartbreaking moment when Israel attacked several times Gaza in Palestine. Those who wish that this year would a peaceful year should continue praying for that...I pray ( this is the least thing i can do) that Allah will protect the Muslims and punish those Israelis who have committed a gruesome murder to the innocents..This is Terrorism and this Hirabah punishable with death punishment..

My duty as a lecturer has started since 23rd Dec and I already have extra classes due to a few of Public Holidays. Next week, there will be a meeting for Readmission of Dismissal Students. This is going to be a painful moment and tension as well to consider or not to consider their application.

Till then, will keep in touch about the progress of my students this semester..

Those who have graduated, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Jaga solat, jaga aurat and jaga akhlaq wherever you go. Set your intention that your goal is nothing but to attain Allah's blessings in your life, this world and in the hereafter..