Friday, August 29, 2008

Photos in Singapore

While waiting for the performance "Creatures of the NIght" at Night Safari. Engkar ( my maid) was a bit scared..

With my 3 soldiers. Actually, 4 soldiers..but the other one is Colonel "Retired" Brigadier General..Since he has retired, he could not make for the trip..

I was so GERAM with abang, he spoilt the picture when he made that lousy face. Lutfi was forced to be part of the picture..Angah was in his controleled -macho face and I, as usual in a SHEER FUN Mood.. This photo was taken while we were in the Singapore Flyer..165 Metre high!

This picture was taken in front of the my sister's block..You can see on top of our head, Block 614. Abang took this picture and Ann was stil in her school uniform

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How are you?

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt..

I will start my entry this time with lafaz Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim..I hope, with this words, those my fans out there ( ouch!) would be pleased to see my writing..finally. I am very sorry for the delay..It was purposely done due to my busy schedule :-) I was busy with my classes, students ( asyik dok marah and dok ngepek ko students!) and my research ( action nampak?)

My last entry was before I left to Singapore, it was more than one month ago. Anyway, the trip to Singapore was amazing. We ( my kids and I) loved everyminute there, including the wrong MRT trip which we took :-( But it was fun though. The most memorable experience, when we took the Singapore Flyer..It was a breathtaking view. Wow!

Actually, I have many test scripts to be marked..I have been carrying them to and fro my house. But I did not mark any..I was so malas..( Arasy, dont be angry, huh?) I hve decided, anyway, to finish marking by the 4th of sept, InsyAllah ( pure islam and not Melayu).

I ve got to go now..

Hope to hear your feedback soon!