Thursday, August 28, 2008

How are you?

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt..

I will start my entry this time with lafaz Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim..I hope, with this words, those my fans out there ( ouch!) would be pleased to see my writing..finally. I am very sorry for the delay..It was purposely done due to my busy schedule :-) I was busy with my classes, students ( asyik dok marah and dok ngepek ko students!) and my research ( action nampak?)

My last entry was before I left to Singapore, it was more than one month ago. Anyway, the trip to Singapore was amazing. We ( my kids and I) loved everyminute there, including the wrong MRT trip which we took :-( But it was fun though. The most memorable experience, when we took the Singapore Flyer..It was a breathtaking view. Wow!

Actually, I have many test scripts to be marked..I have been carrying them to and fro my house. But I did not mark any..I was so malas..( Arasy, dont be angry, huh?) I hve decided, anyway, to finish marking by the 4th of sept, InsyAllah ( pure islam and not Melayu).

I ve got to go now..

Hope to hear your feedback soon!

1 comment:

ami said...

you're back..for good! hehe..
ewah2...never heard about singapore flyer tuee..
mcm best jer...
should go there the next time i visit singapore..insyaAllah..(and is pure Islam..not malay)..hehe..