Friday, August 29, 2008

Photos in Singapore

While waiting for the performance "Creatures of the NIght" at Night Safari. Engkar ( my maid) was a bit scared..

With my 3 soldiers. Actually, 4 soldiers..but the other one is Colonel "Retired" Brigadier General..Since he has retired, he could not make for the trip..

I was so GERAM with abang, he spoilt the picture when he made that lousy face. Lutfi was forced to be part of the picture..Angah was in his controleled -macho face and I, as usual in a SHEER FUN Mood.. This photo was taken while we were in the Singapore Flyer..165 Metre high!

This picture was taken in front of the my sister's block..You can see on top of our head, Block 614. Abang took this picture and Ann was stil in her school uniform


ami said...

beautiful pictures!
lovely! hehe..
and yes..abang is always like that..he likes to do that kinda funny faces! he3..
anak sape la tuee...kih3


Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

at last! and a bonus entry with photos..hehehe love it very much, and by the way..I'd like ot wish u and family a full month of barakah, Ramadhan....lama dah tak puasa n raya sesama...huhuhuhu...

ise3339 said...

kelakar jgk kak ngoh ni..retired colonel..ape ntah he3. kak ngoh's always in sheer fun..senyum sokmo, mcm tie jugok..he3 kan ramai ore kato muko kak ngoh dgn tie sama:)

ramizah said...

meme muka kngoh and Aisyah sama.. semua sama melainkan berat badan je.. :-P