Friday, January 2, 2009

New year, New Day, New World..

This is a normal wish for everybody whenever New year arrives, they tend to make a new resolution and new wish or to continue the same wish wchih has not been fulfilled last year.

Every resolution and every wish should be made everytime we feel we need to do it. We dont have to wait until the year is over. Every wsih should come with action and strong commitment that we are going to achieve it.

This year, i guess starts with a heartbreaking moment when Israel attacked several times Gaza in Palestine. Those who wish that this year would a peaceful year should continue praying for that...I pray ( this is the least thing i can do) that Allah will protect the Muslims and punish those Israelis who have committed a gruesome murder to the innocents..This is Terrorism and this Hirabah punishable with death punishment..

My duty as a lecturer has started since 23rd Dec and I already have extra classes due to a few of Public Holidays. Next week, there will be a meeting for Readmission of Dismissal Students. This is going to be a painful moment and tension as well to consider or not to consider their application.

Till then, will keep in touch about the progress of my students this semester..

Those who have graduated, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Jaga solat, jaga aurat and jaga akhlaq wherever you go. Set your intention that your goal is nothing but to attain Allah's blessings in your life, this world and in the hereafter..


azrul said...

aslamualaikum.ustazah, do you still remember me.mohd azrul faidz,i used to be your student in the last semester in usul fiqh's class.the one who weared tv3 jacket when i did the presentation in the library.well, firstly, i would like to seek your forgiveness if i did something that might hurt your feeling last semester.secondly,happy new year to you and your family as well.thirdly,sorry again for interrupting your blog without notice.heheh.i took the address from amin or ibn azmi.
well, its always tough to dismiss and re-admit students but they should get what they u always say,"what u give, u get back".so,thank you for giving the knowledge to us last semster.once again, i wish u the best of luck for this new year.assalamualaikum.

ramizah said...

i remember you..I dont easily forget my students..they do or they did it already.