Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thinking about students and...

I am teaching two different students this semester. The first group is first year students and the second group is third year students.

Generally, people would perceive that 1st year students are very Malu2 and a little passive due to the much instilled fear to the students. Well, this time is wrong..These students are very aggressive and no fear at all! I have one boy, Ya ! Allah, in my first class with him he asked me about 10 questions and the 2nd class, 15 questions have been posed to me..The 3rd class, I warned him that the limit for him to ask questions is only 3 questions! he did that but he chase me after the class to ask the rest...he!he! Asking questions is not only applied to him but other studetns as well but he is the most obviuos and popular..

Third year students on the other hand, seem to be very quiet..very obedient, sami'na wa ata'na..
I dont really like this either. They dont seem to be 3rd year student. Come on guys! Speak up!
The girls's tudung are still covering their aurat ( in the class la..) Once 3rd yeat st sem is over,you can see the differcne of their length of tudung and clothes.. 1st year studetns have no problem with their tudung and clothes.. unless they are direct intake students who are actually frist time wearing tudung..

Anyway, as time goes, as you grow older, as your ilmu increased..the tudung is getting shorter and shorter..It goes the opposite direction..this is disheartening to see this happened to my students and my colleagues..

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