Wednesday, December 17, 2008

popular? Yes, yes..

I am a popular lecturer in AIKOL! Yes, it is true..I am not kidding.

I am popular among the law students because;

1. They dont like me due to my style of handling my classes; very strict in punctuality, attendance and behaviour of my students

2. There are not many people of getting "A" grade in my class; of course there are a few failures.

3. I like to have extra classes; this is due to certain public holidays and i need to finish the syllabus

4. There are extra works to be done in my class; finding an article, memorise quranic verses and hadith. They just want to come to the class, take notes and that is it..

5. I like to ask questions in my class. They dont like this because they said that they feel pressure whenever I ask questions.. Besides, no fun la!

6. The number of students in my class is between 20 to 25 students per class. I could see that only a handful of students would like to join my class. However, this sem 2 2008/2009, the number of the students has increased to 46 due the non appeareace of lecturer's name in list. I am sure these students would be terribly shocked to see me enetring their class.. Oh! Goshh..

These are among the reasons why I am popular in AIKOL, hence nobody wants to sign in my class..

Whatever the reasons they gave to me, I know what I am doing. the most important thing is that, I did not violate any rules in doing that. Only a handful students who understand the wisdom and significance behind those rules..

one thing that they will not forget me is that, I remember all their names..I memorised their names..


abdul hayyi said...

madam, i believe you do that for the benefit of the students.

May Allah bless u always :-)

ramizah said...

thank you Hayyi for believing in me..

WaN dAn TiE said...

lecturer popular..
x per..yang penting diorang belajar ...N for their future

patunghujan said...

memg popular pun.huhuhuh
sape yg pernah belajar dgn ustzah will never forget u laaa

Adrina Adi said...

lama tak jenguk blog kak ngoh. harap semuanya sihat2 belaka.

ramizah said...

lama tak menulis the way, kindly include my email as your invited reader in your blog, please..tq.

Wan Kamilah said...

bagus la lecturer popular, tu tandanya ilmu yg kita bagi students ingat sapa bila2....

Adrina Adi said...

kak ngoh,

aritu tutup jap coz nak tukar skin. skrg dah buka balik.

wan kamilah,
kak lah ke ni? dont tell me u have a blog too.. hihi!