Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tests and students..

In AIKOL currently, students are busy with tests. Some of them have two tests per day. I am feeling sorry for them too but that is how it is being a student.

However there are some issues because of the regular test that are coming up;
1. They miss the earlier class if they have test at a later time; such as they have a class at 10 and test at 11, hence they purposely miss the 10 o’clock class so that they can study for the 11 o’clock test. This situation happened because they study at the last minute.

2. Some of them have two test in one day; 10 o clock and 12 o’clock. Normally, your lecturer will propose to you the date, you are given a choice to take it or leave it. In this case, conflict occurs if you don’t have an organizer or diary or buku 555 to jot down the relevant dates for your upcoming tests.

3. I think there is a need to have a standard week for test in AIKOL. I mean, the Kulliyyah should propose one week in the academic calendar where, all test have to be done in the specified week. No programme is allowed in that particular week. I guess, lectures and tutorials can be done but at the discretionary power of the respective lecture through a discussion with their students.

I hope students and lecturers can think about these suggestions for the benefits of both sides..

By the way, course schedule for the next semester are ready…Hmm… or Hu..hu..?

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mckenzie abddullah @ zia said...

dear ustazah, this is a burden to us.. some of us are having few test and we cant afford to skip class.. especially ur class... (bodek sket)
the university should be conducting only 1 test perday... at night.. not evening..