Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jamuan Hari Raya

tak tau lah, apa yg dibincangkan tu..ralitnya

...dengan Kak Jun dan 2 anak daranya

Kak Jun , Pok Ye, Pok Wei dan Pok Keiri..( jgn mare, Zul)

Last saturday, I have invited some of my students to join the jamuan hari raya. It was not a big one due to the small space of my condo. I have invited only two my colleagues, kak mah and Kak jun..Che noh also came and so did yati and Ajib.The rest are all my students and my two sons's friends.

I called this jamuan hari raya and not Open House. In my perspective, Open House is a real Open House where you inivite your friends, neighbours, officemates and many2 peope will turn up. But mine is, with a small budget and small portions of food plus small house..That is it. But I welcomed all my invited guests with BIG heart..

I took a few pictures..actually I did not take the pictures but my son, zaki and anthony ( my student). The pictures are yet to upload due to laptop problem. Now I am writing my entry at my office while waiting for the class at 5pm.

I hope those who came to my house were happy and enjoyed the food and hospitality at my house. Please forgive me for any shortcomings and anything to do with the food or drink..I was told that air bandung tu, terlebih manis.. kena kacau sikit tu sebelum tuang.

This saturday, there will be some studnets coming to visit my house..What to cook, huh? Let me know then..

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