Monday, November 24, 2008

Inter semester vacation

I have a long break of not writing any entry for the past 2 months. First, I was very much occupied with the seminar which was held on the 12 and 13th november. Since I was the secretary, I was in charge of all the speakers, moderators, forum panelists and invited guests. It was really a tough job taking care of those people. It was an amazing experience though.

Actually, my students who are going to graduate this year had a Law Dinner on the 12th november. However, i could not make it to the dinner due to my commitment at a day time and I could not sacrifice my my family's needs at night. I am very sorry to all of you such as Pokye, Cik Puan, Noraisyah, Fitri, J, Pok Weil and many of them.

Well, organising such programme was taking its toll on me..I felt so dizzy one day and decided to check my health at the University Clinic and my blood pressure has gone up! It was really surprising for me because, I never had such problem before.. anyway, i took rest and tried to calm myself and not to think about the programme seriously. The next day, it has gone down a little bit.

After the programme finished,I have 3 bundles of exam scripts which have to be marked and I have finished marking all of them last week. It was really a big relief..alhamdullillah. I have key in all the result and hopefully my students can check their result by 1st of Dec 2008. It is perfectly normal to have a handful of failures and one or two studens who got 'A'.

Now, I am bit relax and at the same try to updtate my report of the seminar. I can also update my blog. My parents and my sisters in Kelantan, will be coming to KL tomorrow night. My kids are very excited to meet theirs cousins. It is quite sad because I dont know where to keep them in my house..My other house in Sungai Pusu has problem with water and cannot be repaired on time. In the first place, I thought of keeping them at sungai pusu but now I dont know how to accommodate them in my!hu!

To all of my students, happy holiday!

Take care

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