Friday, February 27, 2009

My students laughed at me..

Yesterday, I had a class with my 1st year students. I told them that they need to read a list of cases about the postion of Islam as the religion of the Malaysian federation. One of the cases is Ng Wah Chan's case. There is a my studnet in that class whose name is Ng Ah Thiam..and I called him Ng Wah Chan, what is the answer! The class burst into laughter and I said, eh, what happened?Then I realised that I made a mistake. I was so embarrassed. I could feel my cheeks were hot! Blushing!

Adoi!Mak oi..Malunya..

It is ok..they enjoyed it anyway..


ise3339 said...

mcm pernah ingat cerita kak ngoh masuk class, pas tu, kak ngoh duk kt meja n then kaki meja tu ke?ke silap ore..;)

ramizah said...

betul la tu.. gabra sgt2. padahal dah baca doa n solat sunat sebelum gi kelas..selawat tak berenti2 on the way ke kelas.. wat malu jugak. nak wat guano..