Friday, February 20, 2009


Now in AIKOL, students are busy with midterm tests. Sometimes they could have up to two tests per day. This does not include assignments,presentations and any other co curiculum. I really understand your predicament lately. But, what to do? This is your "career" at this moment. This is just a matter of time management, oraganised routine and self discpline.

Actually I want to share with you about students who cheat during the exam or test. They are so so creative as long as their mission is accomplished. they will write on their hands, memo pads and sometimes they have their own code numbers to confuse the lecturer or exam attendant.

At AIKOL, cheating takes place at moot court or when they are given multiple choice questions. At moot court, it happens because the place is huge..only one lecturer at the time, but students are 60..on top of that the lecturer did not make any initiative to remove all the notes or bags or mobile phones from the students. Besides the lecturer is busy procrastinating of what to teach next class or there are some more bundles of answer script to be marked..

Multiple choice questions-it happened at the end of the exam..while the lecturers are busy collecting the answer scripts..

Not to cheat should come from your self consicence. You are the loser at the end of your life. Your life will never get the barakah from Allah. I will always remind my studetns, if they ever do that, I am sure Allah will punish you and you will not get my doa as a teacher.

These people are desperate enough to get something whta they want in this world without knowing the implications later on. Be true to yourself and stay original!


ise3339 said...

masa jadi exam assistant di UIA dulu pun byk jgk kes2 cheating ni..yg telan kertas nota bila kena tangkap pon ada;)

ramizah said...

ya, k ngoh ingat tu..budak law! buat malu je!

Roseriana CA said...

yup..saya pun ingat sgt2 tu mdm..

setuju dgn mdm tak berkat org amalkan tiru meniru ni..balasan Allah akan tiba jugak..cuma lambat atau cepat je..