Friday, December 25, 2009

I am back!

Alhamdulillah, I am back to Malaysia. Thanks to Almighty Allah S W T for giving me a chance to come home and reunited with my family.
Actually when I left home, I have in my mind 50-50 chance of coming back. I thought I may have died in Macca or Madinah or along the way..
How to start this entry? I have no idea at all..I mean the idea on how start. I have a lot of things to share while I was there..Some of them are up close and personal and some of them are shareable.
Let me just say one thing when I am back here, I thought I am going to have a jet lag since the time difference between Malaysia and Saudi are 5 hours. But alhamdulillah..It did not happen. Why? thanks to my sisters, my uncle and aunty who kept my busy until evening.. I was supposed to sleep at the day time since in Saudi was still in the morning. But I beat my sleepy and forced myself to stay awake even at 11pm. Well, during the 8 hour flight from Jeddah to KL, I did not sleep at all. Just tidur2 ayam. The anticipation of seeing my family is irresistible. Then at 12 am, I began to feel so so sleepy and the moment i put my head on my missing-favourite pillow..I was gone..he he.. I woke up as usual and behaved like any Malaysians throuhout the day until today.
The first thing my youngest asked me to do was to fry him some nuggets..This is better than asking me to prepare for him home made nuggets.


Adrina Adi said...

kak ngoh,
ingat nak singgah semalam tp tak sempat. biasa lah ada anak kecik.

hope to see u soon. rindu jgk kat kak ngoh sebenarnya. hehe..

ramizah said...

jemput lah dtg kalu masa dan keadaan mngizinkan..hmm..air zam2 dan buah kurma ada lagi..

Wan Kamilah said...

Salam Jah, welcome home, alhamdulilah selamat pegi dan kembali.

Roseriana CA said...

alhamdulillah...welcome home mdm...