Sunday, January 17, 2010

being an academic advisor

I was appointed as an acadecmic advisor at the Kulliyyah last Jun 2009. My term expires this June 2010. This job is not as demanding as Deputy Dean Acadecmic and Student affairs but still needs some amount of sacrifices from me.
The sacrifice that I meant here such as time. Yes, this student can come any time to my whenever they are free. Sometimes they come when I am very busy attending my class students’ interest but I need to allocate my time to him or her. Or while I was on phone, i need to ask him to come some other time.

The other one is to be able to listen to their problem. One by one..from financialproblem to their personal life. Whether I like it or not, I must listen and try to understand as much as possible.

The most hear wrenching moment while I was devastated over something or sometimes in the middle of crying or I was disturbed with anything, they would knock my door and asked me “ are you academic advisor?”. Can you “please solve my problem?” arrgh.. To hear this questions, is really frustrates me.. Sometimes I am doing my job like a zombie..I am dead but I have to keep alive so that I can show the others the exit of their academic problem.

Well, life is not to wait for the storms to pass but how to dance in the rain with humbleness and great attitude..

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