Sunday, January 10, 2010

Letter to Rafael Nadal

Dear Rafa,

I prayed very hard last night that you could win the Qatar Open...but my prayer was not fulfilled at the very moment. Of course, I was dissappointed but I am sure yours are worst than mine.

I am sure as a great sportman, this defeat will not dampen your spirit at the Australian Open which will come in one week's time. I will try not to miss the tournament from the beginning until the usual. However, the moment you are out then that is the end of watching.

Federer, your friend was out one step before of you.. I am sure he will come back. Please be prepare for the worst.

I hope this year, you will win as many grand slams as possible..

Till then..Take care rafa


fatien adibah said...

fatien really likes this post..huhu
it's ok nadal..nnt aus open mng pulak yer!:D

Nabilah Norzam said...

rafa is in his top form now.
but u know wut davydenko is already knows how to defeat rafa as well as fedex.
but u dont have to worry. fedex will be back n win the australia open soon.
hehehe ;))

ramizah said...

nabilah: aisey man, awak tak suka nadal? hu hu! tak nak kawan dgn awk..

Nabilah Norzam said...

ala ustazah.
jomla kawan blk hehe.
bkn nye pe tgk nadal nye style xde variasi. i.e, dier xtrun men volley sgt.
asyik baseline je. buhsan xde upmh.!
btw, ustazah ske tgk tennis?
mmg terbaek ;)

日月神教-任我行 said...