Friday, January 8, 2010

Being a teacher

I went to Jusco yesterday to buy dinner for the family. While I was waiting for my nasi goreng ayam, suddenly came one man and introduced himself as my former student. He said that his name is Mohd nazri bin Yahya. I hardly recognised him due to several reasons. Could be my memory and my age or could be he looked smart with tuck in shirt and hairdo.

Anyway, I was very pleased to be greeted by my ex students. I couldnt be more than happy that they are now working and have a job as well as families.

I remember very well, when I was in Kota Bharu and I crossed the road to go to pasar besar MPKB a.k.a pasar besar lama, suddenly, one car stopped and gave me man came out from the car and came to me and said.."Madam! Dont you remember me?" I was still a bit surprise and it seemed that he came out of nowhere.. I said ", tak ingatlah.." " It's me..Ubaidillah..the naughtiest student in your class back then!" When he started laughing and smiling then i began to recall his behaviour. he he...He wass my first student that I taught in 1994.

The moral of the story, dont forget your teacher..if you see him or her..try to greet her and introducd yourself to him/her. He/she may not rememeber you..let it be. But I am sure he would be very ahppy to talk to you..

My teachers in Sek Keb Penambang cannot be located as of now. Many of them have passed away.. I wish I could have contacted them..but back then there was no emails, hp, hp and FB..

You may be somebdoy now but remember once you were nobody until your teacher's stepped in to share his knowlegde with you..