Thursday, July 3, 2008

I always remember all of you..

Today, one of my students who graduated in 2006, Hammad called me. He went to Mecca last month and he brought me some kurma. Well, actually,I told him to buy me some kurma which there are almonds inside it...( pandai pandai pula nak mengarah) While he was in Mecca, he text ed me a message what did I want from Mecca. Orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal la katakan..apa lagi? Cakap je la..he!he! anyway, the moral of the story is that he never forget me wherever he goes abroad, be it personal trip or official trip he would definitely called me..Hammad, hammad..awak ni kan anak yang baik la..

Another student who always contact me is Iwan..Izuan izzaidi Azmi. He is now a lecturer at UiTM in Shah Alam. When there is Hari Guru, he would be among the first one to wish me..Hari raya, he never missed sent me a card plus a number of sms es. My birthday, he would sent me birthday card and gave me a thoughtful token whcih I would hang here and there at my office or even at home.

Yesterday in the morning another student, fauzi ( shamila, how do you feel now?Ehem..) gave two packets of Buah pala from Penang, as promised fauzi said..I could not recall when he made the promise. But never mind la, I got my favourite buah pala! Thank you so much fauzi.

Last month, Reza brought me some kuih from Kedah..quite a number of things. I was so excited to get it and browsed what were inside and there was no karas? Reza, you said this is from Kedah. But where is karas? Ouch! MasyAllah, madam, madam..orang dah bagi amik je la.. Tak bersyukur langsung nih. Ore bagi betis dia nak peha pulok dah! Sorry Reza, for being so extrovert and outspoken about what I want..

I will not forget either Shamila, izzati and faezah who are still keep in touch with me.. These people just like my friends when they are no longer in my class..I love you gals!

Last night, Zukhairi also sent me a message assking whther i will be around or not today.. Hmm.. I am putting my two hands together, making some ( or a lot of doa?) that when I see him, his hand is not empty.. Hopefully he is carrying a paper bag with metrojaya logo.. I am dreaming too much la..

Last year when i was hospitalised there were over 70 students came to visit me. Some came to the hospital and some to my house.. Some of them, I didnt even know but they knew me.. The feeling was overwhelming.. I could see their efforts to see me when they said that they waited for one hour to catch a bus and later had to rush back to catch another class..To certain extent I cried because I was so happy to see them and their love to me. I felt very bad to one of them, when she was actully failed the subject which I taugh her and yet she visited me. I am sure she did not have any hard feeling on me despite she got E in my subject.. sigh.. Well, I have to uphold justice though it is bitter..

To all of my students, i will never forget may see me as a strict lecturer, very hard to compromise on certain things, very adamant in terms of punctuality and what not, but deep inside my heart, you have a special place in my heart. When new semester begins, I will see a new batch of students and the journey will begin..One thing for sure is that I remember all my students' names!

Whatever it takes, be positive and set your intention in your life..Love your parents and always make doa for them and always ask them to make doa for you as well.. I am not going to change you unless you made the commitment to change yourself..

see you guys, next week!

p.s. Zukhairi came to my office yesterday with two paper bags..My dream turned out to be true..thank you Zul


shamila said...

a wise man once said;

"many people will walk in and out of our lives, but only good friends will leave their footsteps in our hearts"


sy blk ho(s)tel mungkin ahad, inshaAllah. kalau takde aral, lepas selesaikan add n drop sy jumpe mdm kat tempat academic advisor ok :P

ramizah said...

i hope i am one of those good friends..

see you shamila fauzi!

ami said... i wish to be one of your favourite students..hehe..
but i think, just being your sister is much better because i dont have to worry about exams n assignments...lalala...
caya la kakngoh!
should be awarded the best lecturer! hehe..


ramizah said...

Mi, bila nak update bloh huh?

ami said...

amie dh ade 'rumah baru' kt blogspot niee...visit me,