Friday, June 27, 2008

Hmm..dont know what to do :-(

I have a paper to be prepared this coming august. The organizer wants me to submit the full paper on the 18th of July. so far I have written only 2 pages..My time has been allocated for the coming seminar on Isu2 Mahkamah Syariah this coming November. Inviting the presenters, moderators and panelists..this is a tough job. Secretary is the busiest person in any organisation/committee. I am looking forward that this upcoming seminar is going to be grand and well received by the public. I hope so..,

My paper to IKIM is another freaking out issue..They asked me to present on Sejarah pentadbiran Islami di Malaysia..Wow! This is really a History. History in the sense that, first time I am going to present a paper in IKIM and first in my whole life I am going to present it in Bahasa Melayu..Huu Huu..hayyi, please help me.. I am afraid that my Kelantanese dialect will come out instead of bahasa Melayu..

I am still infront of my laptop..staring at the file of IKIM paper..and a number of books piling up on the table. I have to read them all and verify which one is /are relevant..Ouch! Interstingly enough, the most important thing is the Kamus Dewan bahasa dan Pustaka which I have not stopped flipping from page to page..trying to figure out what are the right words to use..I dont want to say, " I looked stupid if I say it in bahasa" I should say that I looked shameless if I dont know how to speak a good bahasa! This is a challlenge for me..I must give my best shot for this conference.

till then, see you guys soon!


Abdul Hayyi bin Salim said...

Madam, just let me know if u want me to help u in ur research, be it official or not. :-)

shamila said...

madam, all the best for the presentation..

i'd be glad to help too :)

ramizah said...

wah! hayyi..gambar baru ke..mesti la kan?..sebab nak bubuh dalam poster nih :-D wak ni, gempaq celebriti!
i will contact you soon

shamila: paper belum siap lagi.. bila kita nak jumpa nih?

adrina adi said...

kak ngoh,
u will be just fine. as always.... :)

ramizah said...

thank you kak..people have trust on me but i dont have on trust on myself.. kak ngoh ni, berani dalam takut..