Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Punctual to the class..

Yesterday, I had a class at 9 am and until 9.15 there were still some students coming to my class. It was very annoying to see them entering the class with their "slumberland face" that there was nothing wrong on their part. Well, guys! You have committed a crime with ta'zir punishment!

I finished the class at 9.45 am , a bit early so that I could give them a little nagging about their these latecomers. "If you think that you cannot make it on time, dont come to my class or else, drop my section and join other class! I dont like latecomers and these people deserve to be punished!" This was an ultimatum given to these people. The whole class was quiet and I could easily hear the pin drop onto the floor.

I went back to my office and I got a text message from one of them, saying sorry for being late. He was a regular latecomer..starting from the first day of the semester until yesterday. I gave him a warning already..Yet he did it again.Hmm..now he knows very well who I am.

Today, I was a little early at my office, around 8.15. Normally, 8.30am, I am at my office. Anyway, on the way to my room, I could see some students who were just rushing to their respective class..The lecturers have started their class and these students dok terhegeh2 lagi cari kelas! I caught one of them who was in my class before and never be late in the class..hmm.. Dapat lecturer baik gak, you take advantage on them..Kalau kelas saya, dah lama saya halau!

The virtue of being punctual is rooted from out habit to pray on time..I strongly believe, if you have this attitude you would become a self discpline student and a successful person in this life and in the hereafter.. This is what Islam preached for us to be punctual and respect the time.

Got to go now..I have spent 20 minutes to write this entry and my coffee is getting cold..

see you guys!

p.s. I will be going to Singapore this friday, 25th July to 28th July. InsyAllah, I am going to meet my eldest sister who live there with her family.There will be no lecture this Monday. See you guys on Tuesday!


Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

send my salam and love to Kakak...and her family.

adrina adi said...

garangnya kak ngoh. tapi betul la tu. tak rugi pun kalau kita menepati masa.

teringat plak kat my ayah.. hehe

ise3339 said...

kak ngoh, enjoy ur stay in s'pore and kirim salam ko kakak and family