Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what happened in today's class

I am very much offended if any of students starts giggling or grinning ( from ear to ear) in my class without any specific reasons. Memang berasap sungguh! I, sometimes, will have a commercial break where I would tell some jokes or my personal experience on something. At this juncture, you can laugh or smile at your own risk. But when I am in a serious mode, and suddenly I see you grinning…hmmm..siap la, memang kena bagi khutbah hari raya ( khutbah jumaat pendek)!
It is rude to giggle at something which is not related with the subject teaching. This kind of attitude shows that you did not listen to my lecture. You were doing “khayyalling”. Besides, I would feel suspicious about my appearance. Pakai tudung terbalik ke, awning tudung tak tajam ke..ada cili lekat kat gigi dke..eeii..all kinds of negative thinkings will come. So, students, you better watch out while you are in class, behave well and give full respect to the teacher..

Faham semuaaaaa….?


Adrina Adi said...

kak ngoh lupa tulis "whatever laa"


Kami said...

sapo la kuat khayaling tu ustazah..nk kn sekeh palo ko ustzh tu.

ramizah said...

tau sapa..ingat sekali saya pun salah jugak..ajar budak2 khayyaling..

fatien adibah said...

haha..khayalling..tringt ko wafi maso kecik2 jgok...=)