Friday, April 3, 2009

ex students..

I received a visitor yesterday..Arasu,my ex student who is now doing his chambering in KL. He came to get my signature for his referral letter to be submitted to the KL bar. datang bawa karipap untuk saya..hmm, pandai pula dia, ada akhlaq. actually, evrytime i got a call or a text message or email or a surprise visit from my ex students, i am very very happy and pleased to see them or to hear any news from them.This shows that they still remember me. student teacher relationship does not end once you are no longer her studnet or once you have graduated. It is disheartening to hear from them, if i tell them, " You have not been contacting me for a long time". The answer goes this way..." I am busy madam..." This is the common answer from anybody who does not have time management.

A few days ago another ex student came to see me at my office. He brought me a bangle from sabah. he said that, this bangle I bought it from my first salary..i dont know what to say but thank you very much, faiz.

ada yg dtg bawa 2 supit buah belimbing ko saya..that was all he could buy because lalu ikut jalan yg dipenuhi hutan2.. at least dia ingat ko saya, tak dtg dgn tangan kosong.. actually he was not my student..but UIAM student. Thank you hayyi..

there was one bagi saya kain sepasang..saya buat baju kurung..tiap kali pakai ingat kat dia.. thank you, daus..

I also remember one of my ex students who made the promise that he would belanja me a glass of milo if he ever received his first salary..until now, i dont see that he is going to fulfill his words. It does not mean that I really want to drink a milo but he issue here is that you dont make promise if you think you cannot do it.

I got a thank you also from my chinese student who garduated a few years back. In that note she was telling me that she will never forget me because I gave a chocolate bar for getting highest mark in the class. I could not recall when did I give her the chcolote but i remember quite well that she was a good student. I know a small token that you got from your teacher, you will always remember..A thank you note from her is the return of what I gave to her long long time ago..Whatever you give, you will always get back..if not in this world insyAllah in the hareafter.


Abdul Hayyi bin Salim said...

ada cerita '2supit buah belimbing'..malunya..hehe.. :-P

will always remember u madam :-)

ramizah said...

ada lagi student hok bagi mace2 ko saya, tapi tak dae nak tulis.. 2

firdaus said...

waktu baca part yang awal2 tue dah terase dah... especially part yang "tak sempat nak msg la mdm... busy skit"

nway i just wanna seek an apology if by anytime i did that to u... i will always remember u mdm... always...

ramizah said...

daus, you are doing fine.. no worries mate! :-*

patunghujan said...

terasa gak bab tak sempat nk msg
it not juz about time managemnet
somtime i dont even have time to look at my fon
insyaAllah after i settle down everything,i'll msg u every week at least.
i really seek apology from u
u r always in my heart

i still remember ur date 090669 is it rite?

ramizah said...

you are right, faezah! awak selalu bagi kad raya/kad birthday yg buatan sendiri.. tu yg mahal tuh!

Wan Kamilah said...

Well jah, kak lah really agreed with u. it's not that we (teachers) want something in return,tp ingatan tu yg sometimes makes us feel touching.......what ever it is, I always pray for good future for all my students where ever you are........insya allah.

Anonymous said...

siddiq ni..
maafkan saya,madam..tak penuhi janji..xsmpt dtg b4 exam aritu..tapi sy still kat uia dalam 2,3 mggu ni..siapkan keje ustaz abdul rahman awang sekejap..kalau madam ade keje, leh sy tolong gak..smbl2 sebelum dapat keje ni..
moga madam sihat sentiasa..