Friday, March 20, 2009

Islam is..

This morning I have a visitor from Taylor’s College. Currently she is doing research on Islamic law and civil law in Malaysia. Her name is Trishella. She came to get my insights on Islamic law. Among the questions asked were, “ why do you think that Islamic criminal law particularly hudud punishments are important?”, “ What are the reasons of the high crime rate in Malaysia” and “Do you think that Islamic criminal law is still relevant today?”

These among the questions asked to me. I was very happy to answer all the questions and to see her interest to know Islamic law. But the happiest moment would be that I feel relieved;I have done my job in explaining to her the beauty of Islam, the greatness of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S A W and the mentality of some Muslims who did not believe in the efficiency of Islamic criminal law in curbing the crime rate in Malaysia. The problem today is not Islamic law but the mentality of some people who did not believe in the strengthness of Islamic law and at the same time try to improve the administration of Islamic law.

I am sure there are still a large number of Muslim who hesitate the relevancy of Islamic law to be implemented today. Worse still is that they also distorted some of the rulings provided in Islam or those people who are very vocal to talk about Islam and they themselves had no background on Islamic law.

Our duty is a Daaie..a enjoin what is good and to forbid what is evil. Islam is the religion of ease, to facilitate us and not to cause burdenship on us..

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