Monday, March 30, 2009

Trip to Langkawi Island

We went to Langkawi Island during maulidirasul holiday. This was our second trip to Langkawi after more than 10 years! Of corse there was a tremendous changes in terms of the hotel, places of attraction, food price and etc. Whatever it is , we enjoyed our stay there.. we snapped a lot of pictures there. Here are some of the relevant and publishable picture for public viewing.. of course tak leh lawan aussies.. :-)

On the boat, heading for island hopping..

The rear view is a scenery from one of the James Bond's movie..when Sean Connery was the actor..
me and my sean connery.. oppss..mere zindagi!

with lutfi..saying cheeeesee..

With Wafi.. the giant

With zaki..the tally..

Oppss..kepala teleng sikit ni.. this tree is right in front of our hotel room

the front view of our rooms.. we were staying at 1st floor

view from our hotel rooms.. I really liked this.. it is so serene when you see this veiw early morning..

The above picture is a beautiful scenery taken from the cable car.. Breathtaking view..subhanallah..


Alexi said...

Besstnyer...after final exam...keno pegi sano 2...nk bercuti...tension mansion dh duk shah ale..kih3

Roseriana CA said...

wah bestnye...saya dah 3x pegi langkawi tapi tak sempat berjalan2..menci pegi sana kena keja..sempat beli coklat je berbakul2..hehe..

ramizah said...

alexi & Camy: dipersilakan.. bawa duit lebih utk beli coklat byk2!

ise3339 said...

bestnyer bercuti..nnti hujung thn buatla family trip skali lg, pegi Tok Bali ke skali lg..tmpt lain ke...