Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Puisi lagi..

We have two more weeks to go before the new semester begins on th 7th July 2008. I am looking forward to meet new batch of students. There is a major reshuffle for the courses I am teaching next sem. My sections have been given to another lecturer and his sections were given to me..I am sure those students who already pre registered would be terrified to see my Common face in their classes and I am prretty sure they will be running like a drunk looking for academic advisor to endorse their new class..and you know what? I am the ACADEMIC ADVISOR! Ha!Ha! This is going to be very interesting story..

You know guys, not many students would like to enrol in my sections..They dont like me! Besides, the case of last semester where a number of students had petitioned against me over the their grades! This has created a "landmark case" that madam ramizah's class is not worth taking..Sigh.. What to do, huh? Anyway, this is quite normal..Being a " celebrity"..hot gossip, rumours..no comment answer..Ha!ha!

Whatever it is, i have one puisi for my last semester students..Here it goes

Aku Masih Berdiri Di sini
Melilau lilau dan mencari-cari
Wajah-wajah yg ku kenali
Dan nama-nama yang ku ingati
Agar dapt rindu dikongsi
Sambil memintal benang di sisi
Untuk menjerut kasih di hati
Agar Aku jangan engkau lepas pergi
Biar saja ia bersemadi
Pada setiap sanubari
untuk ke sekian kali..

I missed my students very much! They have a special place in my heart and through discussion with them i managed to grab some idea in my research..
Hope to see you soon!


Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...


-wa..besar nyo Academic Advisor suko...hehehe....

shamilamz said...

next time madam pi overseas utk present paper, saya nk tag along jugak ek ek madam? hehe.

those students will be shocked, but at the end of the semester, im sure they'll be grateful they got you as their lecturer :) i had a good time back then, and im sure they will too..

madam, take care, and see u next semester, inshaAllah!

ramizah said...

Suko la, la ni..pahni gak kecut perut la bila masuk ngajr

Shamila: I am glad your dropped by at my blog..Ni mesti Izzati yg bagi tau.. I am looking forward to see all of you!
Chaw Chin Chaw!

Nik Bahrum Bin Nik Abdullah said...

Masa saya jadi student di UIA dulu, ramai juga lecturer 'killer'.

A - Lillahi warrasul
B+ - For lecturer
B- - For excellent student
C - For you

Tapi saya jadikan itu sebagai cabaran. Banyak juga saya dpat B+ dari lecturer yang di cop sebagai killer seperti .....

ramizah said...

Nik baharum: You have graduated now, dont think what is in the past, it is a history..think about tomorrow which remains a mystery and face what is happening today because it is a reality.. By the way, A is always for Allah :-D