Friday, June 13, 2008

Welcome back!

It has been a long long time that I did not not post any entry..The last entry was in March. I was not that busy..but I got no time to write anything. I have no idea what to write because my mind was occupied about the house, my job and my kids.

To all "my fans", Janna, Hayyi and kakak..I know all of you missed me so much. Sorry guys, to keep you waiting during my absence..well, absence makes heart grow fonder! Ouch!

Now, I am back! My maid is also back..he!he! that is the great news, huh? Anyway, there are a lot of things came up for the past 3 months. My maid was gone and I was there, in the house, with 3 grown up kids plus "my roomate" of over 15 years. Alhamdullilah we are still in one piece.

There are a few important things that essentially appeared during her absence; My kids become more responsible citizens, My beloved hubby beccomes more generous and considerate and myself..hmm..I became acquainted with my house! Wow! This is great!

I went back to Kampung penambang last two weeks to be at my 7th sister wedding. It was fun to be there despite being in a crowded place. My elder sister in Singapore also was there and stayed in KB until 6th June, i guess.. The theme colour for this marriage is green..You can check the photos at janna's homepage ( My kids enjoyed most of the stay in Kelate, espcially Lutfi who has not stopped asking me when are we going back to kelantan..He said "I want to stay in kelantan for 100 days!"

What else, huh? I am not that busy now because semester will only begin on the 7th of July and I will be damn busy for the first and second week of the semester. The faculty had appointed me as an Academic Advisor of the Kulliyyah..this is going to kill my time with my students assigned in my sections. Anyway, hopefully it is going to be an amazing experience dealing with all AIKOL students. Wish me Good Luck!

Till then, will write again!

Chow Chin Chaw!


Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said... last!

adrina adi said...

finally..... hehe. miss u very much la.

abdul hayyi said...

Finally...ada juga entry baru madam :-)

ramizah said...

to all of you: yes..finally rupanya you all ni sayang kat i ;-)