Friday, June 20, 2008

To say goodbye..


Today I went to Bandar Utama, Damansara to say goodbye to Noojma, the late dr Mohd akram's wife. It was very sad moment for me and my friend azizah. Her husband, dr akram, had passed away last april. I got the message about dr akram's death when I was in Kota Bahru. I could only gave her a visit two weeks later. She was a good friend despite we seldom meet to each other except at any Kulliyyah's programme.

She was in Malaysia for over 17 years and she never thought she is going to leave Malaysia without her husband. I shared her grief when she told me that her husband died on her lap.. It was a heartwrenching moment to hear that from her.. Sigh..I dont know what will happen if the same thing happens to me.

She will be going to her daughter's house in Brisbane to finish her eddah period in august and later she will fly back to India to be with her siblings.

It was a very brief visit to her house and I left her with tears rolling down on my cheeks and wondering when will I see her again.

My last message to her was that, hopefully one day Allah will allow us to meet again if not in this would be in the hereafter.

To Noojma, may Allah bless your husband's soul and place him among His the Syuhada' and Beloved. At the same time may Allah grant you the best of health so that you could grab the opportunity to be with your children and grandchildren and ultimately to do Ibadah to Allah. Our time will come..sooner or later..

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abdul hayyi said...

May Allah bless Allahyarham Dr. Akram ...