Saturday, September 20, 2008

Consulatation day with students

Yesterday was friday and as usual it was a busy day for me attending my students' needs or having a meeting. It was a taxing day yesterday due to the much-talking task and my throat was dried plus my mind was boggling a bit due the intense conversation with one of the parents of my students who came to see me yesterday. We started at 12.20 and ended at 1.25.. I was so tired as well as PISSED OFF with the student. Let me just name her SITI..( not siti aisyah wan muhammad)

Siti has been missing in my class in the beginning of the semester. So far, the number of missing class is already reached 8 times which means, by right, I can bar her not to sit for my paper. I have issued her warning letter about her absence and one copy was sent to her parents. To make it short, her mother came to see me. We had a long conversation and Siti, on the other hand did not give much attention to our conversation though it was concerned about her. She was busy texting a message. When I asked her a few questions, of course there was not much eye contact due to her "commitment" texting message on her mobile.

Her mother started crying when she related to me how she sacrificed her time and energy back and forth sending her daughter almost everyday to UIAM and hoouse in Puchong. A couple of times when they reached home at 6 pm and after 5 minutes she told her mother, I want to go back to UIAM Once, they reached home and buka puasa and right after that, send me back to UIAM. What a crazy life i have gone through, she said. One day, siti texted her a message that she wanted to apply for study leave and asked her mother to find a way how to get through this. After 5 minutes, she said, I changed my mind, I dont want to do it. I wan to study..

Siti's mother was asking me, if possible she wanted Siti to apply for study leave due to her personal problem. I said, study leave is meant for those who have medical reasons and for this we need a letter from the doctor. But I said, she was not sick but she made your life ( maybe be my life too) sick. It could be some other reasons like magic or sihir, depression etc. Later she said I may take her to Datuk harun Din. I said, if you take her to datuk harun din, if the latter tiup dia 1000 kali pun, this will not help. Why? because she is not sick . She needs to change her attitude and stop dreaming. She was too much khayyaling. She said she had two boyfriends and all of them dumped her! She was so frust menonggeng as such she got to miss my class and other classes.

Every time i have a lecture and she is in the class, she always looks down. She never looked at me. When i asked why are you doing this? She said, this is the 3rd time I am taking this subject and I thought...( I dont know what she meant, I dont know what to write). Siti, if you think you are good enough, why did you fail in the first place?

I guess her mother's wish to see her continue studies will not come true unless she change herself and transform to be a mature and responsible student. I guess, University does not need tis kind of studnet either, giving trouble to the parents, teacher and university. Her PTPTN has been stopped this semester due to poor result.. I strongly believe, to be a good daughter/son, a responssible daughter/son does not require one to go to the university. univerity is an institution to seek for knowledge. But it is not a place which can make you happy and a responsible person.. Only you can do that.


abdul hayyi said...

2 boyfrens?ngaaa.....

dasat btul...huhu..

ramizah said...

She is 1st year 1st sem student..

ise3339 said...

terkejut tgk nama SITI tadi..nasib baik bukan Siti Aisyah Wan Muhammad...
srh die berenti balajar n kahwin je la kak ngoh..he2