Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd post of the day!

I have two posts today..What an acheivement! ha!ha!

Today one stduent came to my office seeking advice about her academic workload. She has problem with her studies due to some failed subjects. One of the subjects she has taken twice and yet she failed..Ohh..

I explained to her, if you failed any subject you started to lose your confidence in your academic life. That is the impact of being failed in your studies. She started to cry and explaind to me about losing some of her friends due to different year of studies. Friends are very very important at the univ level. Without friends you started to lose grip of your strength. That shows that man is social by nature. We must always live with jamaah. However, in terms of academic workload, some students say that I want to take 21 credit hours beacause my friends did that. This one, you cannot follow your friend. You have to do it based on your much you can go. The more you carry workload, the more possiblity of messing them up in the final exam. Be honest with your self. I am sure most of us aware about limitation.

One more thing, dont think that the earlier you graduate, the sooner you will get a job. Job is a matter of rezki..just dont stop making doa and efforts. The rest, let Allah dispose what is best fof you.


Alexi said...

for one step...following our friends footsteps is good..but for our own future..mayb we have to decide what best for ourselves

ramizah said...

betul tu shafiq..lama tak dgr berita. sibuk sgt ke?

~salwaredzuan~ said...

salam madam..
baru tau mdm ada blg..hihih i hv alredi signed up as ur follower.. wow makin advance lecturer uia..may be lps ni students can have discussion on facebook pulak..why laa during my time semua ni tak ade lagi ek?

ramizah said...

emon: so that you will miss me more! anyway, thank you emon :-*