Thursday, July 30, 2009

dont act so fast..

last week one student came to my office and complained about his CGPA had dropped from 3.5 to 3.3..I was so shocked to hear that because I knew that he did well in the exam last sem.

He told me that he appealed to one of his papers whcih he got B or B-. I could not remember. After that, the latest result he got was C+! Ouch! Ouch! I could imagined why he looked extremely sad on that day..

I tried to console him to forget what has happened. Just dont look what happend yesterday, it was a history..yet this could not make him happy. The next day was his birthday, i wished hime Happy Birthday, he did not reply..

The moral of the story is that, dont act so fast. Think twice. Ask your lecturer, is it worth to appeal? When you appeal for re checking, your paper is going to be given to two different lecturers. Ask your seniors.. talk to them. If you want to see any other lecturer/academic advisor, that is great idea. They are your elders..then make doa to Allah that this decision ( yes/no) is the correct one. Perform solat hajat and istikharah.. let Him show you what is best for you..

I know there are cases when your grades are upgraded. This is just a matter of rezki.

I am still feeling sorry for him...


Alexi said...

Believe in qada & qadar,everyhing that happened around us are all the god had created to test our patience

ramizah said...

betul..tapi boleh cuba try test jugak..but at your own risk

muhammad zukhairi said...

yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift:)

ramizah said...

betul tu zul..awak ingat lagi ye kata2 tu?