Monday, July 13, 2009

Ohh..what a day..

Today is the 1st day of the semester.It has been a hectic one for me. Being an academic advisor and had to stay at the One Stop Centre from 8.30-5pm..owh..such a tiring job. Attending to the students' querries and requests on academic stuffs..

Despite all these, I managed to release myself for two hours to give two lectures from 9-11am. (I am wondering what will happen in ramadhan..2 hours?..). after the classess, I went back to One Stop Centre to continue advising some more students until 1pm.

I have a break at 1-2.15 to pray and have my lunch. Before I could pray zohor, I received a courtesy visit from my previous sem students; ah thiam, awai and ahsraf..That was sweet of you.

At 2.30, continued my duty and at 3.10, I received a text message from my deputy dean to be at the Moot court to give a speech on the roles and duties of academic advisor to the First Year students.

One of the things that I mentioned was that, " when you came to this university, I believed that you wanted to get a degree..Before you get your degree, you need to pay tuition fees..However, it does not mean that once you paid it ( fees) you will automatically get the degree..You have earn for that..either hard way or easy way.."

Till then, all the best!

p.s. Dhue Comel and Norfairoz Cute,congrats!

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