Saturday, July 25, 2009

islamic environment

This semester, we have to collect student's biodata form. some of my studens hve passed up the forms to me..hmm.majority are sisters. brothers? berapa kerat saja. i hve to keep on reminding them. Geram dibuatnya.

anyway, the most interesting part is to read their comments on why they chose IIUM as thier univ . Of course, some said because, UIA was the only univ which offered them a place. or close to their house or parents' choice. However, majority said because of Islamic environment, hence they chose this univ.

I just want t comment that environment is not created by itself. It is made by the the inhabitants of any environment.

Univ consists of 4 major components; students, staff( academic and administrative). business operators and cleaners. However, students are the biggest majority in this univ. some of the acadmic Staffs are the policy makers in this univ. They created the environemt; the dos and the donts and later imposed them on us..incld them and students. So, those major components are actually the agents of environment. It is upon us lie the duties to create the environment. If one had actually polluted the environment, everybody would be affected.

One more thing, we need to have the enforcers of the laws so that our environemt will be protected. I really hope those who would like to smoke at Nescafe Kiosk, would think twice. They are not only polluted the physical environment of earth and thinning the ozone but also violating the laws of the univ not to smoke within the univ campus..

by the way, where is your form?


patunghujan said...

i've submitted my form mdm.hehehehe.u even have my resume

ramizah said...

betul tu faiez..