Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, actually I have a few things in my mind what to write. But my mind and body are aching for the past one week..a lot of things are coming up within this week. This really takes toll on me.

Today, there is an Ahmad Ibrahim Memorial Lecture at the Moot Court. This is AIKOL's annual event. Alhamdulillah, we have a big turn out. Most of the ex AKOLIANs were inivted to attend this event.

Hmm..which one I should start first? Let me think..or else I should go to bed and have a peace of my mind..

Tomorrow morning i have to go to my children's school to collect their books at 8.30. Got class at 10 and another class at 12. Then what else, my friends from UM are coming to have a meeting at 1. Have to finish my paper to be sent to one journal.. got class at 4 and got to go home by 5.30 to prepare for iftar.. frankly,this is not much but I feel it too much for me too handle. or may be, i am getting hu..

By the way, tomorrow is 15th Sya'baan and I should wake up for sahur tomorrow morning.

Got to go now..good nite...


patunghujan said... pn nk puasa jgk ni...

ramizah said...

alhamdulillah.. hmm..ptg ni nak masak apa untuk berbuka ek?

ise3339 said...

wahh..busy bangat kak ngoh.. patutla tak sempat beli tiket ko amie.. anyway, kk ngoh blm tua lg..he3 awet muda