Friday, July 30, 2010

Aql & Nafs..

Today, I got the opportunity to interview some of the students who have been dismissed last semester.

One case that really shocked me and my colleagues was about one girl who did not sit for the whole papers of her final examination because of GAME ADDICTION! Astaghfirullah..

She confessed that sometimes she did not sleep whole night because of the game. At times she did not pray as well in pursuit of completing the mystery game.

Now I know some of the students who did not turn up for the final examination or did not come for the test because they are very busy "doing" something else.

I would like to appeal to those of you who used this excuse, knowing that your teacher dont know about this, so that your teacher will give you second chance, STOP doing this. Sooner or later you will be caught up. You start to learn your lesson, sorry to say..hard way, by being dismissed. Then you start blaming your parents, your siblings and friends.

I was about to tell her this ..but i changed my mind. What I wanted to say was "sister, throw away your laptop and broadband in sungai pusu..those things become a fitnah to you"

Any gadget that we have , we must make sure that "WE" are in charge of them. Lets control them and never ever let them control you, otherwise at the end of the will be the victim because you let your nafs to control you instead of your aql..

p.s lama tak jumpa..


Alexi said...

Game edict some is too dangerous if not been controlled..hehe..

Azarni Collection said...

Salam jah jelita,
bagus sekali teguran jah di sini.Elok sangat sebagai peringatan anak2 muda la ni...depa ingat kita ni jahil bab IT kot...Sayang sekali masa depan mereka musnah kerana diperkudakan oleh games atau apa saja.

ramizah said...

If you look at this girl, you wont believe that she is that kind of person.. May Allah help her..