Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dean's List v Dream's list

To be in the Dean's list is a bonus for you to get a scholarship from an renowned agency. May be to be shortlisted in the coming interview. But it does not guarantee that you will be getting a job or a scholarship.
Some students or many students who are in the Dean's list are trying very hard to get an excellent result in every semester so that he remains in the Dean's list.

I am not in favour of those people who are so much obsessed with the Dean's list and would do anything as long as remains in the list.

This problem is not only occurred among the studnets but also to the parents as well. Parents look at the piece of paper as an achievment of their children. Some of them would pressured their children so that they remain there. These students expreesed their stressful feelings to me and to certain extent tried to commit suicide.

On the lecturer's part, I guess it is not fair to make an assessment to the students ' performance solely on the written test. there should be also a form of activities where he can express his views confidently and the audience can understand what he is trying to say such group presentation, forum and debate

The most imoportant thing is the you must be able to grasp the knowledge and manifest it through your character. A student with confidence and possesses interpersonal skills is my Dream's list.

p.s. aku bahagia..


fatien adibah said...

this is so true!:D

ramizah said...

jgn lupa promote entry ni dek..