Thursday, June 9, 2011

Letter to Rafael Nadal

Dear Rafa,

Let me start this letter with many congratulations for your 10th Grand Slam by winning French Open this year.

I just want to share with you my feelings while watching the final match between you and Roger Federer. It was very tense for me. I hardly sat on the carpet in my house, instead I was going back and heart was beating was very fast espcially in the first set when you were left behind 1-4. Oh! my God..It was a terrible experince. I know, you felt more than I was..I could feel it...

I went inside the room and texting some messages to a few people. First to my sister, Fatien,who is also a die hard fan of you. I told her to keep updating about your progress. then I texted a message to my friend cum foe, Hakim..Well, Rafa dear..he likes Roger federer :-( Dont worry, you still have me and my sister behind you.. My message to hakim was kind of a pre defeat. I was getting ready to hear hooray hooray from him if Federer was the winner.. I know these people will make fun of me because I am supporting you.

I fell asleep finally without knowing the result and without watching the match. Around 12am, I woke up and saw a text message from my sister about your winning in the final..The feeling was serene. I could feel the calmness in my heart and the same time, aah! the evil plan is going to be excecuted tomorrow ( 6 jun) to Hakim and Mokhsin Shaari.


I hope you will take enough rest for Wimbledon Championship in London. One thing which makes me feel bored watching wimbledon is the colour of your attire. It is all white...owh..what a protocol you need to observe? *sigh* I like the colourful sight of yours with matching head band, wrist band and shoes.


By the way, is it possible for you to send me a pair of your engraved-name shoes to me and my sister? Mine is size 7 and my sister's is size 5.

Hope to hear from you soon..

warmest heart,

ramizah (R)

p.s. we were born in the same month, June. Happy belated birthday to you and Happy Birthday to me...9 June :-D


patunghujan a.k.a cik teruterubozu said...


Janna Wan Muhammad said...

rafa o rafa...meh le baca surat kakak saya tulih ni....

seri pagi said...

thanks for your support..
pls drop me your home address and contact no. i will send you the request asap..

msg sent by nadal's PA..:-)

p/s peminat nadal rupanya ye..

ramizah said...

Faez: Thank you very much! mmuah!
Janna: Yes, that is my wishlist..
Nurul: (^^,)Nadal! oh! nadal...

fatienwm said...

caya la kakngoh!ada 2nd letter tuh.hehe not to forget, org yg against nadal pon masuk dlm letter ni.hehe:)

Hakim Hamid said...

Roger is the man!Best man always lose.Lucks always betray them.sigh.See u in Wimbledon!