Sunday, February 3, 2008

sunday activities

Today is Sunday and I love Sunday! Why? So that I can go to Pasar Tani and see so many fresh vegetables and a variety of fish and kuih that are on display for "inviation to treat". Of course I bought a few things as well other than enjoying my eyes.. I bought ikan pari, ikan siakap and Ikan kembung. two chickens were cut into 14 pieces each plus some vegetables and 10 telur itik.. Wow! It is a lot..I have to do this, CNY is coming and I need to have enough stock in my fridge..

My two sisters were here today and we had lunch together. My sister in Bangi had to come again this week, so that her children could come for swimming. Actually there were here last week for the same reason, however the pool was repaired. They had to come again because her children have been pestering her to come for swimming.. Well, some children they are very firm with their mission and vision and parents are here to materialise their visions..

In the evening, I went to Jusco to buy some groceries with my other sister who was here for a holiday. My youngest son was with me and helped me to locate a few things and to remind me what to buy as well.. thank you lutfi! You know what, there are so many people in Jusco today. It was so crowded and I had to book for my turn at the cashier counter... We reached home at 7.15 and off to the kitchen to fry kueh tiaw goreng for dinner tonight.

I am thinking to bake some cookies this week in conjunction with CNY holiday..I love cooking so much. Almost every week, new recipes I will try out. Once my hubby asked me why I love cooking. My answer was, "it gives me a piece of mind.." I hope he got my message! he!he!

Till then, have pleasant days ahead..


janna w.m mokhsin said...

waa....ini sudah bagus...kak ngoh pong ado blog, cantiik...yup,cooking is like a therapy for me too.. :) nanti buh la gambar2 byk yer..!

ramizah said...

come on Janna..I blushing la ;-)
Bubuh gambar tak pandai lagi.. Zaki will teach me later.