Friday, February 29, 2008

being a teacher..

In my last entry I spoke about being a student..the duties of a student. Now I guess it is fair to say something about the roles of a teacher.

Being a teacher means that you have to face a number of students. These students are those whom you should groom them with your knowledge and skills. On top of that, you need to set an exemplary conduct to your students. Whether you realise or not they are going to imitate what you have been doing and saying!

There was one incident happened here recently which triggered me to ponder what happened in the past for the last 15 years of teaching. To look back if any mistakes that I might have made unconsciously. Well, we are also human beings with full of shortcomings. However, once you are a teacher, sometimes students would not understand that you are a human being like them. They used to think that a teacher is somebody who will teach you and somebody whom they can emulate your footsteps.

being a teacher, first and foremost, you must love students! Love to teach them and love being with them. Try to remember all their names and mention their names when you talk to them. they are would feel wonderful if their teacher could remember their names.

Being a teacher, you need to correct them if they make mistakes and remind them if they forget. I guess a teacher should reprimand them if necessary. Sometimes a sort of punishment would make them think what went wrong and give them a space to think about their mistakes.

being a teacher, you need to exercise your creativity in dealing in with students. students have different categories with different approaches from a teacher.

However, one thing that a teacher ought to avoid is to use any harsh words and foul language to his student. I am sure, if he ever used it, it will remain in the students' mind throughout their life..

A teacher also should respect his student so that student will respect him because respect is not to be asked but it is earned..

Respect to yourself, people will respect you

Love to yourself, people will love you..


muhammad zukhairi said...

assalamualaikum... i always believe that teacher and students must have give and take, good relationship as well as good understanding.;)

ramizah said...

definitely I agree with you..
Thank you Zul for dropping by :-)