Thursday, February 14, 2008

Class presentation (II)

The class presentations are almost finished. There are 2 more groups to go.. I really want to share with you about my students and their presenatations. Two days ago there was a presentation by a group of girls and their topic was on "Beauty and Botox". He! he! the topic is pretty much interesting...These girls were amazing! I could give them an Oscar for their super acting! There was an audio visual which they recorded through their mobile phone. They have acting skills..I could never imagined that these "malu-malu" could do that.. Their 10 minute a so called tragic movie made me glued on the seat, plus the presention went smoothly. The feeling of satisfcations could be seen on their faces. I salute you , girls! ( Shamila, Izzati and Sakinah)

Prior to this, a group of brothers also presented on the same above topic, when I asked them what do you understand about the beauty? They answered that beauty comes from the heart.. Wow! That was a splendid answer, huh..But, are they really mean it? ;-)

Actually, there are variety of topics which I told them to choose from the provided or they chose themselves. We have heard on delayed marriage among the Muslim girls and boys ( which I found out that most of the girls would like to get married at the age of 26 and boys, at the age of 27), Birth control ( this is very interesting where one of them would like to have 12 children! Come on Syauqi..), Halal logo ( this is ala Melodi), Terrorism ( the presenters are not terrorist enough!) , blasphemy( some people who did not know the meaning of freedom of expression :-( etc. They have to relate their topics have to the Maqasid Syariah. I learned a lot from them including the contents which I may not well verse enough on the subjects. To have a successful presentation , students need to have a well prepared presentation. Further, they have to practise so that the presentation is according to the time limit and substantiated appropriately. The presentation is smoothly done if there is a teamwork from all group members and each member must done their job as specified. I always emphasise to my students that they must find a team member who understands the meaning of teamwork..Otherwise they will get back whatever they gave it to me.. Ouch!

For those who have done theirs, I would like to congratulate them. Well Done! Marks will be published soon, so check it out!

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