Monday, February 4, 2008

Class Presentations

Hello, again! Today I listened to 6 presentations of my students. They are so creative! They were so quiet in the class, however when they prepared their presentations, we can see that they have their creativity in making the presentation so well.

The first presentation by a group of sisters who talked about transsexualism in Malaysia. They managed to have a wonderful presentation with an organised contents. However, their style of presenting should be improved together with command of language. Overall, they are good.

The second group presented about "why we should recite our prayer in arabic language". This is a thought provoking topic which I wondered at first whether they were able to analyse the existing authorities and presented convincingly . Well, they proved me wrong! They were awesome! I loved it! Other students also agreed with me.. They were creative, funny, entertaining and analytical.. I congratulated them by sending an SMS, "Well Done". Sometimes we should give them opportunity to prove that they are good enough to be University students..

Students must be taught to love the knowledge and believe in their strength..Because of my love them, I will not hesitate to give compliment if they deserve and scold them if necessary..

tomorrow, there will be 2 more presentations. I hope these two groups will try to give their best shot for tomorrow's presentation.

Last but not least , please no latecomers to the class.. I just could not tolerate any latecomers and I will not hesitate to give them an ultimatum for being late..My life as a teacher is to teach them the rules and virtues being a student..Love to your self, knowledge and your teacher..

That's all for now..I am sleepy.. I have class at 8 am tomorrow.



janna w.m mokhsin said...

Janna buh link blog kak ngoh di blog janna doh...ok!

ramizah said...

kngoh tak pandai lagi nak buat link tu..

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

owh..takpow2..tader hal nyer...saya boleh wat tutorial secara online mengenai cara2 nak buh link,buh gambar....dan mcam2 lagik...hehehe.