Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am a foreigner?

I was at the Bangladesh Community Iftar gathering last Saturday together with Mere Zindagi and children. We were late arriving at the venue since we did not know where the venue was. Anyway, since I came late I sat at the last row with two girls who already seated there. I noticed the girls were looking at me a few times. I was sure they thought I was at no man’s land or at the wrong place. Then one of them asked me, “ Sister, are you a foreigner here?” I said, “ Sorry?”. “ Are you a foreigner here?”. I was looking at other people in front of me..they have the same uniform colour. I looked at myself..hmm..I am bit different ( warna siang sikit). Then I realized that I am the foreigner here.. My answer to her was, “ No, I am a Malaysian.” Actually I am a foreigner in my own country at that hu..


Kami said...

xpo ustzh..ore kato belako..yo xthu ustzh bhagio kei main..

ramizah said...

Kami: alhamdulillah..