Monday, September 7, 2009

My day today...

Today is a holiday in conjunction with Nuzul al Quran. University is closed today but my children’s school which is in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur,is on today.
I did a few things today. First in the morning, after my children gone to school, the first thing i did was, to bake chocolate chip cookies. I have finished baking it at 9.30am.
At 10.15 am I went to the office and marked the test paper which I had it on Friday. Alhamdulillah, I am done with that. I came home at 1pm and went straight to the kitchen to prepare for iftar. I did two dishes.
I was supposed to fetch my kids from the school today at 3pm but suddenly I felt that i am going to doze off easily..immediatley i called my other half to do that job..alhamdulillah he listened to my request.
Tomorrow, i am going to give all the test scripts to my students.. I am sure many of them are shock to receive their result...


Kami said...

ermm..nalim jgk ustzh nk tgk result.brp sen x thu bleh..padey dh kuat main sgt..

ramizah said...

sapa la KAMI ni..bunyi mace ramai sgt..?

patunghujan said...

send me those cookies!!1 yummy.hehehehe

forum said...

i'm satisfied with my marks~
that was all my effort in it..
i know i have to work harder in order 2 survive~insyaallah berkat ilmu yg ustazah curahkan..,sy akn lbih mnjdi lbih baik & cemerlang~amiiiiiin.
syukran jazilan ya ustazah~

anaknda-bubur lambuk.