Monday, August 10, 2009

telephone call..

Madam X: assalamualaikum ustazah?
Me: Waalaikumussalam..who is this please?
Madam X: I am student X’s mother..He could not attend your class since last week because he is sick. Now he is still sick. He is at home. He cannot go to your class tomorrow.
Me: Alright..hmm..But where is student XXX?
Madam X: He is to me. XXX..ustazah wants to talk to you..
XXX: Assalamualaikum Ustazah..
Me: Waalaikumussalam..How are you?
XXX: I am not feeling fine
Me: Why did you ask your mother to talk on your behalf?
XXX: I am tired, ustazah..I cannot talk
Me: If you cannot talk, you can text me a message. With due respect I will call your mother..she doesn’t have to call me..
XXX: I am sorry to bother you..
Me: You did not bother me at all..Go and see the doctor and bring me an MC.
XXX: Thank you

The moral of the story, you talk to your teacher. Don’t ask your mother to do this to you. She is not your PA or secretary..You are not a kid anymore. You are a person with responsibilities and enough maturities. If you give me any problem, then I will call your mother..


Alexi said...

Mayb afraid kot...still got like this even in uni....not get use with the conversation kot...

ramizah said...

berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah..

Alexi said...

2 laa...takut n brani xbertempat...hehehehe...bilo kak balik rayo klate??

Adrina Adi said...

hihi... mcm lawak plak citer ni. kalau budak kecik kita paham la kan.

anyway, mungkin dia ada alasan tersendiri.